Everything We Left Behind

This book is a series. So I suggest you read Everything We Keep first or you will be lost. I had to read the next book because once James disappeared the previous book leaves you with the feeling that Aimee is going to find him. But what we dont know now is that James has become Carlos and living in Mexico in a state of fugue. I didnt even know there was such a thing and looking is up made me better understand what James/Carlos was going through.

Again this book has some surprises, romance and a lot of anger – between family members….and lots of secrets. Keeps you turning the pages BUT the reason it didnt get 5 stars is that it keeps jumping back and forth in the story between Carlos in his present state and then when he realizes he is James and doesnt remember a Carlos (fugue state)….this is not a book to put down and pick up a day or two later. You need to continuously read this book so you dont lose track of what is going on….

How to get rid of that ring…..

I didnt want it anymore.

I was tired of seeing it day in and day out.

Nothing helped


I used Skin So Soft Bath Oil

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Going, Going…..almost Gone

It’s hot this summer….what are you doing to keep cool?  When the temp reaches 95 degrees do you stay in or are you one of those people who will go out anyway.  Well, I love the hot weather and although there are time I will stay in the air conditioned house or store or car….you will probably find me sitting on the patio reading and sipping my wine (or coffee in the morning).

But along with loving the hot humid weather, comes bugs.  Flies, bees, mosquitoes and of course ticks.  So I never leave home or go out on my patio without my Bug Guard…..and it keeps those bugs away…….Avon is still having their sale on them so make sure you get yours today…..at my store – www.youravon.com/ashapiro

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We went there

It was the hottest day so far in July – 95 degrees….and we went into the city to see a Broadway show.  We heard raves on A Bronx Tale and just had to see it.  We dont do it often but while we managed to get to the theater via car and also found a parking lot right across the street from the theater…..it was a good day.  Being too hot to wait on line outside, my hubby ventured in and spoke to one of the men there who so kindly got us chairs and allowed us to wait in the lobby until the opening of the doors in a half hour.

The seats were good (small theaters are the best) and the show was fabulous.  It was more for us baby boomers who remembered how things were back in the day when we sat on stoops (those are the stairs outside of your building) and hung out with friends, some singing and some getting into trouble.  Nowadays everyone is hooked up to a tech device….where are the good old day?

If you get a chance to see this show, or have seen it already let me know.  It’s a tale of a boy who witnesses a killing and then is torn between his his two mentors —- his father….and a mobster.  Read what the NY Times has said about it here ……when it first came out.


No time for…..

Reading?  As an avid reader I am always carrying my Kindle around with me.  That is one of the reasons I carry a tote bag….besides my Avon books and samples, I find my Kindle stuck in the corner of my bag because you never know…..you may be sitting somewhere waiting (arent we always waiting for something) and it becomes an opportunity to read.


We recently took in a Broadway show – drove all the way into the city in snail traffic but managed to arrive 1/2 hour before they opened the doors…..and waited – and read…..

I have been searching blogs that write about reading, not only their reviews but also what they think of reading – how they get reading done within their day.  And I started to think about how much people read.  One blog said she wanted to read 5 books for the month of  June and ended up reading 9.  It used to take me 2 weeks to read a book, therefore I could only claim about 2 books per month.

In addition to reading I am also posting reviews…..on Goodreads.com, this blog and my other blog…So please feel free to follow me and check out my reviews.

But now that I am retired, I find there is more reading time – or am I just making more time because I know I can do other things tomorrow….Ahh, that word “tomorrow”….while I have used it in regard to laundry, cleaning and cooking……I have never said I would read tomorrow…and on that note I will end and ——go back to reading!

Start your own business today!

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