Daily Word Prompt 221 “Jeans”

Long, short, cut-offs, baggy, skinny, tight…..jean jackets, jean hats…they are worn in the winter and in the summer.  They come in many colors – men wear them, women wear them and children wear them.  I have seen even grandmas wear them.

The best part of jeans is they go with anything – any size person can wear them and the accessories are endless that go with them.  Have you ever noticed how many different colors go with jeans?  You can wear any color shirt or shoes or scarves with them.  They are universal.  There are also jean sneakers and of course jean handbags.  Personally I like tee tops – of all different colors.

Jeans come in your usual denim, dark blue, light blue, stonewashed, gray, flowered and even white.  So jeans are not just for cowboys any more…..and now that Fall is officially here, you will probably see more people sporting jeans than in any other season.  Do you have your jeans on???




Snag a Bag

This has been such a hit for my business that I have decided to try it again.  Want samples?  With no obligation to buy – get samples like fragrances, lipsticks and skin care products.  I will gladly mail you these samples – free of charge – just so you can try a product by Avon out.

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Free Shipping Today

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Some of us dont want to do that, or do not need that amount of products.

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Weekend Wear

What to wear this weekend?

Take a break from your work wardrobe and spend your days off in cool, comfy pieces.

This Knit Jacquard Bomber Jacket has rib binding at leaves, neckline and hips.  Full length zipper and front pockets.  Machine wash and dry.    Now for only $39.99

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Show Your Neckline

Avon Anew is the best cream there is…..special for each age…this one – Platinum – is for us older ladies.

When your neckline is not looking like it should…lather it in a Day Cream, use a Night Cream and dont forget those eyes and lips.

It visibly restores youthful-looking contours

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Laugh Wrinkles – Get Rid of Them

You can laugh away laugh lines…because these treatments are powered by retinol, the #1 anti-wrinkle ingredient recommended by dermatologists.

There is no need to hold back from expressing yourself because you worry about wrinkles.  Live each moment with confidence that you can laugh or cry and still look your beautiful best.

Try Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol Targeted Treatment

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Try Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment

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Rebate Time

While posting around on FB with my Avon friends I came across a new incentive that Avon has put out there.

It started on September 15th and I dont know how long it will run….but apparently there is a rebate attached to the Starter Kits available when you join Avon.

So if you are interested in the $50 starter kit – you can be eligible for a $25 rebate – making your starter kit a $190 value for only $25.

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