Baby It’s Cold Outside

I have lived in New York all my life.  From the time I was born until now I never thought of moving out.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  In the 1970s two friends and I decided to drive cross-country and had made a pact that if we all found a state we loved and decided to stay, we would do it.  Guess it never happened.  Actually by the time we reached California – we were all homesick.

So we returned to good old NY and stayed there.  Or at least I did.  Somehow I lost contact with my friends, so they may be out of the state or country for all I know.  So growing up in NY I have seen my share of snow storms….big ones and small – blizzards and hurricanes…and as a child I loved it.  No school meant running around in the snow, making snow men, throwing snow balls.

So when did it stop?  When did I hate going out in the cold much less the snow.  I dread sweeping the white stuff off the steps and waiting  for my son to come shovel or use the snow blower I finally agreed to get.  I dont love driving in it….not that I can’t, it’s all those other drivers who can’t drive in good weather, much less the snow. I suppose it has a lot to do with age…the older I get the more I only enjoy seeing children and dogs play in the snow.

I now know why people become snow-birds – going to Florida in the winter, coming back when Spring shows up.  But it is something I havent been able to bring myself to do.  Because I do love NY.  The city, the everyday happenings and the people.  I can go anywhere and talk to someone, anyone….even if I dont know them.  Standing on line has afforded me the opportunity to see another side of people.  I can start a conversation on the smallest thing and then introduce my business.  So it has also afforded me an opportunity to grow my business with new customers.  I feel like I am in my element….can I do that anywhere else?  Probably, but I do know my town and guess I am just comfortable here.  And the biggest reason for not leaving is family.  How in the world would I leave my 9 grandbabies?


New Year – New Plan

So here we are 16 days into the new year and what?  Yes, it is a cold one (hate it) but there are greater things coming – like spring, warm weather, sitting on the patio, and of course, baseball.

In the meantime, the plan is to eat right and healthy.  So I have started a new way of dieting (yes, I know, the new year and we all diet) but since the cold weather keeps me in a lot, I have to stop binge eating and eating all the wrong stuff.  So while I keep cookies in the house for the grandkids (and it’s hard) I try not to eat them (emphasis on the word – try)  My day consists of a healthy breakfast and a full one because that is my fuel for the day.

Lunch is usually a smoothie along with my Hunger Block and this keeps me for the afternoon – in between I drink water or tea, or sometimes have a piece of fruit and then have dinner early (around 5 pm) which is usually protein and vegetable and a small carb….pasta, potatoes or bread but just a little.

I have a scale but hate getting on it so I only do it once in a while.  If I dont see the numbers, I cant complain and feel depressed.

So the journey goes….  how is your new year?

I didn’t return

I just finished reading a blog – Returning To Work After Maternity Leave – and must admit I never had to worry about that.  You see, after my first child I became a Stay At Home Mom – because I could not fathom leaving my child to return to work.  Of course it is not for everyone and in today’s economic world so many families do not have a choice.  I sometimes think maybe I should have returned to work so we could be a two income family but I really loved being home and somehow we made it work.  Of course our vacations were closer to home….no flying to France for us….but we enjoyed it just the same.

I did finally return to work when my youngest was in the 4th grade – by which time for my older children college was lurking around the corner.  But working in a school afforded me the pleasure of being off when they were off and also having the whole summers to me and the kids.  A great perk to have.  But alas the time has flown and they grew up, left home and had families of their own.  And now that I have retired I must admit I am happy with my choices.  Now that I get to stay home I am here for my grandchildren and children when I am needed and take joy in all the free time I have.

Besides my business I also get to meet up with other friends from work and retirees and am getting used to the easy going stress-less type of day.  And if there is a snowstorm…well, I dont have to go out in it….

Are you on maternity leave?  returning to work?  Drop your comments here on coping with it.





Plan your day….

Besides blogging I am an avid reader of other people’s blog posts and today I ran across one about Daily Planners….which made me think about myself.  I am an avid user of planners.  Books are my life – not only reading them but keeping a planner so I will cover everything I must do for the day – week – month.

When I worked I used a planner to keep track of payroll I was in charge of.  I had to make sure everyone was paid on time and did so with a daily planner.  Now that I am retired I thought I would get away from one since I had all this time on my hands….BUT time must be coordinated….not only do I run a business, but my personal life with 5 children and 9 grandchildren keeps me busy.  There are also meetings with a group I belong to and of course the luncheons I have with my retired friends.

So I have bought myself three planners…think I need a planner for my planners…One planner is where I keep all my Avon orders that my customers give me, one is my personal planner for things like doctors appointments, luncheons, meetings, etc. and the last one is the one I use for my business….noting delivery dates and customer interactions.  I sometimes think I should consolidate my personal and business one so I dont have to check them against each other, but let’s see how the year goes.

Do you use a planner?

Share a Quiet Moment

In this hectic world we live in, there are only a few moments we can call quiet.

Especially if you have children – demanding and always underfoot no matter what age – there is no time for quiet.  So how do you change it.  Put your mind to getting that special time where everything is about you.  Even if it is only for 15 minutes.  I find those times where I read, sip tea (or wine) and sit with my feet up are so relaxing.  I dont want it to end.  I often find myself (when the weather allows) sitting on the patio, with the flowers and trees surrounding me.  Reading, and relaxing.  Life is too hectic – make time to smell the roses.

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