Standing still

I sit here at my computer, after watching a show; then reading a few chapters of an amazing book and watching hubby sleep.  It is two o’clock in the afternoon when I write this and while the weather outside is not delightful – I find I cannot move.  There is laundry to be done, housecleaning to be done but instead I sit here at my computer.

I am not playing games – I am not on FB – I am thinking.  The stillness and quiet is deafening.  While I do hear kids out front playing basketball – yes, my neighbor decided to put a basketball hoop in front of his house – and while he and his family are not around this weekend – I have the neighborhood children in front of my house.  But that noise does not stop the thoughts in my head.


Hubby sleeps way too much.  He says it is the medications he is on – way too many – but then he cannot sleep at night.  I am afraid that my life will change soon – you see, I plan to retire in 41 days….and I dont want to end up on the couch with hubby.

So I must make a plan to start moving…..I know what I would like to do, what I must do – get up every morning even though I have no where to go – and get out of the house.  I love being home, plan to read (my passion) plan to crochet (another passion) and of course having 9 grandkids will keep me busy too.  But the time they are in school there is still an expanse of time to do what?  I will have to convince hubby to do things with me because I will not stay home everyday…..

Books are on the way

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Filled with Hope

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Making money while….

watching TV…….Yesterday I decided to take a few hours off from working my business.  There is much to do because tonight I have to place my order….so I still have to enter orders online, contact a few customers who want to place orders but have not contacted me yet and of course, set up the new books for the next campaign.

But I decided to put down the electronics and do all that today instead of yesterday.  I sat down with my book and read for a few hours, did a load of laundry, straightened up the house a bit, cleaned the kitchen and then sat down to watch some baseball.  Of course in all that time I did not go on my computer nor did I check my phone…..sometimes we need a break.

And then when I finally stopped watching the ball game – due to a rain delay here in NY – I decided to check my phone…and in came a few texts giving me orders, each over $40 – and a few online orders – also over $40……….it is so great to make money while I watch TV – or upon sleeping (direct delivery orders are done online at anytime and when I wake up each morning I check my website)…I recently read of a fellow Avon rep who was at a ball game and gave her daughter an Avon book to read to keep her busy – and the woman behind her asked if she sold – and bam…a $30 order.

What I am trying to say is Avon is worked 24/7 – anywhere, anytime – when you least expect it you too can have a customer!  Sounds good?  Making 40% profit is great – especially when you are sleeping…..Interested?  Contact me for more information or go to my website now and click on the this is #bosslife and join……you too can make money while you sleep!

I am addicted

OK I admit it – one of my favorite addictions is reading.

But while I love mysteries and thrillers, I have come across an author who

Write romance and suspense

And she has completely caused my addiction to her novels

I dont know where she gets her ideas, but each and every one of her books are thrilling and page turners

I started with The Last Stand series TRUST ME, STOP ME, WATCH ME


My next series will be the Fairham Island series – THE SECRET SISTER & THE SECRETS SHE KEPT

What author are you totally hooked on?