I dont do that anymore

Its morning and do you hear that? No? Well you are not listening closely then. Its light out (I happen to have a skylight in my bedroom) and I see the morning sun or clouds depending on the day. I glance over and he’s not in bed. Oh, right. We do bathroom runs (morning, noon and night) But we are here to do that….that is our routine. A routine we really dont have to follow if we dont want to.

What we dont do is ———–set the alarm. It has been four years now since I have heard one and I dont miss it. I no longer have to get up in the early mornings. I let my body tell me when it is time to get up (usually when I am hungry, or really need that first cup of coffee) There is some joy in being retired even though I have been asked “what do you do now”? “Anything I want” I usually answer.

I do anything I want, whenever I want, anytime I want…whether its a stay at home day like today, or a running around day like I had yesterday. I dont plan much (there is that occasional doctors appointment, or friend’s lunch) but my days are pretty much what I want to do. I own a home business but even that is done around my time. I can do that at 10 am….or maybe after lunch. Customers call and I accommodate them around my schedule. Relaxing…that what life is now. Relaxing.

Less is More

The older I get the more I am finding that “less is more”. Its more comfortable having less stuff; you look better wearing less makeup; you feel better eating less food; your mind is better watching less tv; and life is better with less drama.

When we were younger it always seemed that more was better. We outdid our neighbors by getting more for our home – like that pool that we hardly ever use; or all those clothes you will never get to wear a second or third time because you just went shopping for more clothes. I never understood the need for all those shoes you buy….I have two pairs and a pair of sneakers, thats it. I on the other hand was a handbag freak. But recently realized I didnt need that many handbags – gave away a lot of them – and now have a few I change around with depending on where I will be going.

I recently went through my makeup and who really needs three mascaras? And so it has come to my attention that we need to have less – not more – stuff. I threw out old makeup and now only have mascara and eyeliner because the older I get, the less I should wear. I also have one cleanser, one serum and one moisturizer that I use – although when its finished I sometimes change these items.

I recently cleaned out overstuffed drawers – we use to call them junk drawers….because they were always filled with junk.

They are now empty or close to it. I found car keys that were there from the previous house owner (been living in this house 16 years now) and of course all those cables and wires I still dont know what they belong to. I recently bought a shredder I keep in the kitchen to shred any unwanted mail with personal business on them. I use to place them in a box to shred later – later never comes.

Slow but sure I guess I am decluttering because if I havent used it in over a year then I dont really need it. My closet is small and my clothes are minimal. I now own one winter coat instead of three. I also recently got rid of all my mugs – two people in the house with 15 mugs….really? And so slowly we are getting rid of “stuff”. How have you been decluttering? Is there an easy way? Let me know…I can use some hints.

The Golden Couple

by Greer Hendricks

Let’s do a book review. Got this one from Netgalley in return for an honest review. And I loved it. Here’s a little about this book. (No spoilers) Put it on your list.

An amazing book I finished in one day! I could not put it down and found every chapter better than the last. Thanks to Netgalley for this ARC, I have read this author before but was not prepared for this story.

It centers around a therapist (who lost her license, a story in itself) and still helps people put their lives in order as long as she can do it in 10 sessions. In walks Matthew and Marissa who admits cheating on her husband, is sorry and wants to put their lives back together. Of course we follow Avery, who has her own baggage and problems to deal with, but we also find some chilling secrets and surprises along the way.

Due to be released in March 2022, mark your calendars because you wont want to miss this one. #Netgalley #fivestars

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Let’s get lost

That’s silly. No one wants to get lost but then again don’t you wish sometimes to just leave the world behind and get lost. Well I can do it. Actually I do it everyday. And sometimes I do it several times a day.

All it takes is opening up my book. My husband doesnt understand my love affair with books, but it has always been something I was passionate about. It started when I was young and things were rocky at home. I would escape to my room and read…leaving all the world outside. When I got married and had all my kids, worked, went to school, had a dog and took care of my father-in-law, I read but not as much as I would have liked.

Now I am retired with very little to do. Yes I have family but they are busy, and yes the grandkids come for a visit (actually had two sleep over this weekend) but its not an everyday thing, so I do my escaping more than ever before. I am good for 5 or 6 books a month, and as soon as I finish one, I pick up another. I shouldnt say pick up because I have a Kindle so all my books are already on it. I also have a book tracker where I not only write down what books I am reading, but also a synopsis of that book and I also add the state or country that I am currently reading about or the characters are currently in. Some books are so descriptive I feel like I am there, especially when its places like Italy or Greece.

And so I love getting lost is an interesting story in a far away place. By the way, I also get lost when I am driving but my husband had a navigation system installed in my car….so at least I can find my way back home…..if I want to. But then again, isnt life an adventure in itself? What do you get lost in? Think about it.

And it’s going to……

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what happens next. Even though we can plan our days, we don’t really know what will happen in that one day. Right now I am looking out my window and its getting dark. So will I say it’s – going to rain? But that can change in a minute. The wind comes in and blows away the clouds and the sun comes out.

And so with life, we go about our business, our plans for the day….but that can change as swift as the wind comes in and changes them. You get up and plan to go to work and then get into a car accident. I once was at work, normal day, went to the break room for lunch, returned to my desk and passed out. Of course an ambulance was called and while I thought it was a normal day I ended up spending the night in the hospital. You never know.

I suppose you cant go through the day worrying if something is going to wreck havoc with your plans, and when you think about it, “Is there anything you can do about it?” And so we awake each morning, grateful for another day and go about our business doing what we originally planned. And if somehow that changes, then we all have to adapt to the things that come up in life and do the best that we can. Life is beautiful………one. second. at. a. time. Would love to hear your comments on it.

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Time for a….book review

Reading books is my escape. From the crazy world we live in. I recently sat out on my patio and was reading. My neighbor actually asked if I was alright since he noticed I was outside for over three hours. I got so engrossed in my book I didnt realize the time – which was dinner time and I was surprised hubby didnt come looking for me, all hungry. But I love reading, I love reviewing and love interacting with authors and other readers.

I recently finished this one. It was recommended to me so I picked it up and was glad I did. I gave it five stars. And please make sure you have tissues available.


Where do I start? I kept hearing about this book, how you need a box of tissues and I finally gave in and purchased it. This story is romantic and heartbreaking and happy. A story that switches back and forth between the 1940s during WW II and the 1980s….We follow Soline who owned a bridal salon in Paris and Rory who ends up owning an art gallery….both have lost the loves of their lives. Both need to cope with life. When life must go on they help each other and bring peace and an amazing ending. Remember the tissues.

Amazing story that will warm your heart and give you a surprise like no other. You will finish this book and then sit and think about it over and over again.

Like this review? Check out all my book reviews at www.bookbubbe.blogspot.com

Would love your comments. Have you read this book? Will you be reading it? What have you read lately?

Monday Cleansers

My question today is where do you stand on cleansers? In a world that is going through the pandemic, we find ourselves washing more than ever….or sanitizing everything. But pandemic aside, we still should be washing like the germs are everywhere. Because germs are everywhere and it is something that will never go away.

Growing up I feel we didnt look at germs like they were the enemy. Yes, we did get dirty (I remember drinking water straight out of the hose, how about you) but we never thought about the dirt until it was time for dinner and mom told us to wash up. So what was the turning point where we have put our children into a bubble to keep them from getting germs on them. I dont believe it started with the pandemic, but I have seen mothers not allowing you near their babies because “you had germs”.

I am all for cleanliness and so my next question is what do you use to clean yourself? Soap, or a creamy cleanser? I have stopped using soap a long time ago and was using a cream cleanser. Years ago it was Noxema for my go-to cleanser. But today I need something more gentle, better smelling and foaming up with a bit of water. And so I must tell you about the cleanser I am using…….called…Rice water, the milky white water obtained from rinsing rice, is enriched with vitamins A, B and E, ceramide and minerals to help skin feel moisturized and look radiant. This foaming cleanser produces a whipped cream-like texture that softly glides onto the skin to effectively remove makeup residue while moisturizing. In a huge bottle that lasts forever (or so it seems, you only use a dot)

I have used many cleansers in my day but none like this one. Do you have a favorite cleanser? Tell me about yours and why you love it so much.

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Weekend Jobs

Have you ever wished you could work weekends and be off all week? And make the same money? That sounds like a dream job, right. Well, you could if you change your mindset. With nearly everyone working remotely these days, it is just a matter of changing your time schedule. Yes, there are jobs where you cannot do this…granted….but there are some out there where you can. Let me tell you a bit about it.

I worked a full time job – 8 am to 3 pm – everyday, Monday through Friday and had the weekend off…and some holidays. Dont get me wrong, I loved my job and did it well. But there were days I didnt feel like working. And yes I could have taken a sick or personal day but that still didnt make me feel like it was my choice. And what is life if there is no choice. We all have choices but sometimes we cannot take them.

After 30 years of this life it was time for me to make a choice in order to have more choices. I left my job and ventured out to seek a different way of living. My choice to get up in the morning at 8 am instead of 6 am. My choice to work that day or not. My choice to leave the house at all. And so I joined a company that has been around for 135 years and is still going strong. I make my own hours…..actually I make my own days. If I dont feel like working Mondays….I dont. I have never been happier with the freedom I am feeling.

Want to get a discount on all your purchases? Become a rep now (while it is still free) and get discounts on every purchase you make…..sell Avon and get commissions on every purchase your customers make. Get a free website and free training sessions to help. Join today at:

Become a Representative

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Monday Morning Rain

If you live on the East Coast you are probably experiencing Storm Henri right now. So since early yesterday I have not had to water my garden. Actually its is so soaked right now, I am sure I wont have to water it this week at all. So what does one do when it rains all day, day after day? If you are still working, I am sure you are battling the crowds to get to work, whether by train, bus or driving in the mess. If you are on vacation, then keep the faith because it will be better on Tuesday, or so they say.

But if you are like me, retired (lucky you) you can do whatever you want. Dont want to go out, no problem. Want to stay home in your pjs thats ok too. But my question is……are you one of those people who gets up, no matter what the weather, and gets dressed up and puts on makeup, do your hair and look like you are ready to go out and….well, either travel or party or maybe you are meeting someone for lunch or dinner.

I happen to be one of those people who must put on makeup every day…even if I have no where to go. And so I do my routine because…….you never know who will pop over (I myself got a surprise visit yesterday) and then there is always Zoom because we now see each other through the computer or IPad for various reasons, and last but not least, it feels good. I feel lazy if I dont dress up/ make up and it shows in my attitude. So a little mascara and eyeliner goes a long ways for me.

How about you? What is your Rainy Day Routine? Would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and be entered into a giveaway for a free Avon Eyeliner!

Monday Morning Crime

I have my own book blog where I post reviews of all the books I read. I usually read a book a week and sometimes more because I have been known to finish a book in a day or two. But once in awhile I will move one of my reviews over to this beauty blog. And so today is that day and if you are a reader please look into getting this one by Michelle Campbell available at Amazon. I love the title, I love the story and I am sure you will too.


Kate, Aubrey and Jenny are roommates in college. They couldnt be more different from each other. Kate was beautiful, wild, wealthy, and damaged. Aubrey, on financial aid, came from a broken home, and wanted more than anything to distance herself from her past. And Jenny was a striver—brilliant, ambitious, and determined to succeed.

We follow their lives through college until one of their friends dies. Was he pushed or did he jump. And so the rest of the book takes us 20 years later when the woman are all married….but the past always catches up with you. And now when one of the roommates dies, we are all questioning and wondering who did it. I always enjoy reading a Michelle Campbell book because she keeps you turning the pages. #fourstars

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