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Mark is here….

This week’s must-have beauty buy is Mark. By Avon Get A Grip Eye Primer! Shop the look now. avon4.me/2ku4Jds

A whole new line at Avon right now is Mark Beauty Shop – all your makeup needs in a few pages of our brochure.  Today’s highlight is Get A Grip Eye Primer – apply this oil-free, lightweight cream formula before eyeshadow to help color last without creasing.  Also use it to help conceal puffiness.

Light to Medium #230821 or Medium to Deep #230855 – Either one for only $10.00


I am on FB every day.  I do not do drama…but I love all the good things that are posted.  Like new babies, and grandbabies…trips, family stuff, engagements and marriages….and while I do most of my postings of my Avon business I am involved in a few book groups.

I love to read and making friends with other readers.  I post my reviews here on this blog along with posting on Goodreads.com and Amazon…so when one of the woman suggested a pen pal group I joined right away.  As a teenager I use to write constantly and interact with people all over the US and also out of the US.  It was interesting to read what others had to say and share good things happening in our lives.

So now I am pen pals with 5 – afraid I wont be able to catch up and instead of typing on a computer I am writing.  I actually got off 4 cards today – started with holiday cards and wrote a long page in it welcoming my new pen pal, giving some facts about me and asking a question or two.

It was a good start and am excited to see their replies…..how about you?  Do you still write letters or long paragraphs in a card?  I know snail mail is terrible but if you are not in a rush to get a reply – it really is a nice way to communicate.  Maybe we should all slow down a bit for the New Year!

Deal of the Day #12

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Deal of the Day #11

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Deal of the Day #10

The best 12 days of deals has been going on now every day so you can get free products.

Personally I think this one is the best one ever.

This beauty set contains a makeup bag, along with eyeliner and mascara….when was the last time you can try an eyeliner and mascara free.  I know I keep changing my mascara and eyeliner because I like to try new ones to see which is the best for me.

But it does get expensive – and I also do it so I can personally tell my customers about the product.  But here is a set you try and it wont cost you anything for the makeup – and even if you dont want or like the makeup – you did not lose anything.  Dont use makeup?  Give it away and keep the makeup bag for yourself…or give that away also – nice stocking stuffer!

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Deal of the Day #9 – get moisturized…

Only a few more days are left for these deals….and they only last one day.  So if you havent tried one, this one should get you.  Now that winter is here and the snow is coming (today, in fact) you have to keep your hands and body moisturized.  I myself carry hand cream with me, have a bottle of lotion near my bed and one downstairs in the living room.  My skin is always dry and there is no better moisturizer than Moisture Therapy…