Stillness and More

I suppose you can say I am in Stillness. Is that even the right word? I feel like that sometimes. My days run into weeks, into months and poof another year is done. Where did it all go? What is it for? I havent been posting on this website for quite some time. Not even going to look up the date. But as they say….new year, new me.

Actually not a new me. The same old me really. But still wondering where the time has flown. The pandemic is not only to blame. As each year passes things change. The knees dont work, sleeping is something we need more of, but dont seem to get. The cold weather now has us captured inside where the air is suffocating. So what have I been doing since I last wrote here. Reading…my escape. I realized recently most of my friends are gone. I do have a few left, who moved away so we do talk once in a while. But we all have our own families that we are clinging to. Back to reading….love it and I do go to that place where I do not have to think about what is happening in life – inside and outside. Have you read a good book lately?

Reading is not only what I do…I also write reviews and have another website where all of them are. So if you are a reader, hop on over to my book review website and take a look. Leave a comment and we can talk about all the books. Not a reader? Then tell me what you do like to do in order to escape. I am looking forward to the spring/summer where I can sit outside and read – with a cup of coffee, soaking up the sun I so dearly need.

I hope to come back more often – at least once a week. Maybe I will do Sunday posting? Until then, keep you hearts open and a smile on your face. Life is not that bad….there is always tomorrow.

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Would love to travel there

I am part of a team. A team that does well. A team that travels easily. And I also have a team. A team I am mentoring and hopefully they will grow and we will be able to travel together.

These few days have been our Kickoff 2022. It took place in California… the Wilshire Hotel (where Pretty Woman was filmed)….and it was filled with Avon Reps. There were celebrations everyday for the past three days. Awards were won, recognitions honored and goals met. I am proud to be part of this company and plan to work my way up. What other company gives you a chance to go on trips to Dominican Republic, Hawaii or Cancun? Working for Avon gives me that opportunity.

Unfortunately I cannot do trips because of personal responsibilities but the fact that it is out there, well maybe someday. During the Kickoff these past 3 days….reps won shopping sprees (for just being there). Now who wouldnt love to shop at Louis Vuitton? And be given $3000 to spend there. Or even Tiffany’s with $300? These giveaways went on for 3 days….Gifts were also given away – espresso makers, Ring security systems, Michael Koors watches, and many more.

This is a company that keeps on giving. Besides their free shipping and free products, it also is free to join. Plus when you place your first order of $60 or more you get a free product, free shipping and a $10 credit. Who else does that? So with the new year starting, I will again be shooting for the stars in my sales, my team and maybe, just maybe Cancun will be in my future. How about you? Does your company spoil you?

How often do you do it?

I dont do it that often. I wish I did. I am planning for the new year – 2022 – to do it more often. But not sure how often is enough. Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Right now, I do it in between all the other things I need to do. So that might be every other week….if I am lucky. But I am going to make up my mind to do it at least weekly – or maybe every other day. I can plan for it and then just push a button so the world can see it. Maybe I will do that. 2022 is a new year. Make it one of my resolutions.

So starting with this post I plan to post more often. (Bet you were thinking of something else. lol) Right now I have two posts in my draft box and hopefully they will be published this coming week. That’s it – I just decided I will blog twice a week. Pick out two days during the week when things are slow and just write a blog. I can squeeze that in between all the other stuff I do. I am on my computer for my business in the morning and I am sure I can write a blog right after my work. So to get back to you. How often do you blog and what are the best ways to go about keeping up with your blog. I do love reading so many blogs – I actually get ideas from them. I just read a few this morning although I am off doing errands in a while. But I see everyone finds the time to write. And now I will make the time for myself. Maybe I should get a planner and actually pencil in my writing times. Maybe I should write a book…..wait, no, that’s not happening. I don’t have time for that……or do I?????

What was I thinking

Thats the problem. I dont always think. Now that I am retired I just go along with the day and whatever happens – well, will happen. I dont have to be anywhere (except doctors…yes, doctor appointments might be the highlight of my days)…and so we start each morning with breakfast, then lunch and of course then dinner. I do work my business in the morning after my second cup of coffee. Updating my website, calling clients and delivering orders…but then the rest of the day is mine.

But now its the holidays. Thanksgiving passed and Hanukkah is now (so close this year) and my shopping is not done yet. But we are eating. Sounds funny right? Of course we are eating…but now that the holidays are here, we seem to be eating more. Take Thanksgiving for instance. Although it was at my son’s house, we still had loads of food. They cooked, I cooked, other siblings cooked… galore and it was all delicious. How do I know? Because I ate, and ate and ate. But I stayed within my Weight Watchers points (most of which I saved for dinner that night) but then came the dessert and I went completely overboard….what was I thinking?

For me that meant another pound gained (yes, I went on the scale the next day and it showed up) but I did go right back on plan and lost almost 2 lbs the following week. So basically I do think, sometimes, when it suits me……or I try not to think – is thinking overrated? At my age, everything is overrated. Because each day is a blessing that we must be thankful for and enjoy. Happy Holidays, safe ones and blessed ones to all.

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The Mother’s Promise

As many of you know, I love to read. I have been reading at least 100 books a year and still have over 2,000 books in my To Be Read list (which is my Kindle) so once in a while I place a review here of a book that I just couldnt put down. And this is one of them….

The Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, get the tissues ready with this one.  I have read Sally Hepworth books before but this one touched my heart.  It was sad, it was heartbreaking, but it was filled with an abundance of mother-love.  We have Alice and her daughter Zoe.  Zoe suffers from social anxiety making it hard for her to make friends.  But right now all she needs is her mom….and together they have an unbreakable bond.
That’s until Alice is diagnosed with cancer, with the end result knowing she will no longer be around for her daughter.  A daughter without any other relatives to take care of her. And so we follow what Alice needs to do for her daughter’s future.
This was a story that will make you cry, so get those tissues.  But at the same time it will show how strong a mother’s love is that there is nothing that will break that bond.  Definitely a #fivestar book.  #kindleunlimited 

Love reviews? Check out my book blog over at my other blog – here.

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Changes and More Changes

I find as we get older we are more likely to resist change. When we are young, I think things come to us easier and we sort of go with the flow. Classes change – ok, so I will try a new one. Car broke down – so I will take the bus. But alas, the older we get the more we get content in our usual same old routines and anything other than that is CHANGE and we dont like it one bit. In this fast world we now live in I am finding changes come at the blink of an eye.

With my children grown and on their own, and my grandchildren now in their teens and above, I find myself in a routine day in and day out. But I really dont mind. I love to read, take walks and in general relax since I have worked since I was 17 years old. But the daily activities I do get involved in have changed. I belong to a Women’s Club and we meet twice a month. Recently there were changes in the group that we all were not fond of but somehow we will adapt or maybe some of us wont and will leave. Thats ok too.

I am also on Weight Watchers and have been informed they are now rolling out a new program. The old program worked for me, having lost 50 lbs, and all of a sudden I have to learn a new one. Can you really teach an old dog new tricks? And of course there are groups on Facebook…dont even want to go there but will say – a lot of complaining and the program just rolled out today. How can you judge a new program in only a few hours. Why? Because it is not the same program that we are all use to doing and change scares us. Will I lose weight on the new program? Or will I gain? Who knows? The only way I will find out is to try it. So this old dog is giving the new program two weeks and we will see. And if its not for me, then I will find another program.

Another change I will be going through (no, that one I went through years ago) will be with my business. As an Avon Rep I got pretty comfortable with the website and things I must do to boost my business. So next month (December) they will be rolling out a new website…..another change. Will it be better? Again I will give it a try……teaching this old dog some new tricks. (I actually have to do a video to upload to my website…that will be fun as I have never done one) I heard about a few things and so far I like it. I will let you know. Meantime, reps are complaining about it already but it is not even out yet.

So what it comes down to is not the change itself…..but the thought of changing, especially when we are so comfortable in our routine. And that leads us to CHOICES. We can choose to go with the flow and learn new things, or stay stagnant or just choose to leave and not deal with it. Life is made up of choices. It is not the change that matters, but how you choose to react to the change that counts. How are you reacting to changes? Are they controlling your life and are you grumbling about them? Or are you finding that a little change is what keeps you going and might actually be good for you.

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Being a Beauty Boss

It isnt easy, but then again nothing is. Lots of people ask me why I sell Avon and the only answer I come up with is “I love it”. What do they say? If you love what you do, its not work. I did have a job. One that I did love also. Worked at it for 29 years until I didnt love it anymore. Hubby kept pushing me to retire. Why should I when I loved going into work every day, meeting my colleagues and the best part seeing children. You see, I worked in a school as a secretary and with all my own children grown (guess that empty nest feeling hit me) I looked forward to seeing more children.

Somewhere around two years before I retired I also wanted something more, so I returned to selling Avon. Did it in the 80s when my children were small but it was only a hobby, a few extra dollars to go out to breakfast with the other mothers every morning. I gave it up because my children by that time were going off to college and I wanted a full time job. Then I was at the point that full time work was not filling my needs and I hated getting up early in the morning, driving to work, finding a parking spot and dealing with people. And so I retired to work my Avon full time.

The job had changed since the 80s and gone very computer savvy. But that fit my needs. I wanted to stay home and work, making my own hours. And so almost 7 years later that’s what I do. I get up late (8 am) and leisurely have my breakfast. And then starting at 9 am I work my Avon. I check any orders that came in through my website and mail out thank you gifts to those new customers. If I have orders in my house, I pack them and contact my customer to schedule a delivery/pick up date and time. I also am on social media so I schedule posts for the day to let people know I sell and am available all day for questions or orders.

I have worked my way up to Presidents Club, Star Promoter and next step shortly to Ambassador. I have a team of Avon reps that I mentor and am always available for them. Again, I love my job! My success did not come overnight. I work for it and enjoy every penny I make from it. I am now looking forward to the holiday sales and recently been informed that Avon is revamping our websites to make it quicker and easier for customers and reps.

So if you need extra cash or just some money for the holidays consider joining my team at Avon. Its free to join for now and you wont be disappointed. Being a beauty boss is the best!!

Join my team at and click on the “become a rep” in the upper left corner. Or maybe you need some holiday items….get free shipping and free products also at the same website.

In Another Light

In Another Light by A.J. Banner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pheobe lost her husband and delves into her work at the mortuary to keep her from losing it.  But then three years later, a young woman shows up in her work room and looks like her twin, with the same tattoo thats on her husbands phone….coincidence? connection?
This books kept me turning the pages and for the life of me I could not figure out the connection or where the story was going.  In her usual A. J. Banner mode, the twists and turns kept coming.
A #fourstar book….another great read.

Have you read any good books lately? Love to read reviews. Leave your blog site in the comments and I will hop on over.   

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I dont do that anymore

Its morning and do you hear that? No? Well you are not listening closely then. Its light out (I happen to have a skylight in my bedroom) and I see the morning sun or clouds depending on the day. I glance over and he’s not in bed. Oh, right. We do bathroom runs (morning, noon and night) But we are here to do that….that is our routine. A routine we really dont have to follow if we dont want to.

What we dont do is ———–set the alarm. It has been four years now since I have heard one and I dont miss it. I no longer have to get up in the early mornings. I let my body tell me when it is time to get up (usually when I am hungry, or really need that first cup of coffee) There is some joy in being retired even though I have been asked “what do you do now”? “Anything I want” I usually answer.

I do anything I want, whenever I want, anytime I want…whether its a stay at home day like today, or a running around day like I had yesterday. I dont plan much (there is that occasional doctors appointment, or friend’s lunch) but my days are pretty much what I want to do. I own a home business but even that is done around my time. I can do that at 10 am….or maybe after lunch. Customers call and I accommodate them around my schedule. Relaxing…that what life is now. Relaxing.

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Less is More

The older I get the more I am finding that “less is more”. Its more comfortable having less stuff; you look better wearing less makeup; you feel better eating less food; your mind is better watching less tv; and life is better with less drama.

When we were younger it always seemed that more was better. We outdid our neighbors by getting more for our home – like that pool that we hardly ever use; or all those clothes you will never get to wear a second or third time because you just went shopping for more clothes. I never understood the need for all those shoes you buy….I have two pairs and a pair of sneakers, thats it. I on the other hand was a handbag freak. But recently realized I didnt need that many handbags – gave away a lot of them – and now have a few I change around with depending on where I will be going.

I recently went through my makeup and who really needs three mascaras? And so it has come to my attention that we need to have less – not more – stuff. I threw out old makeup and now only have mascara and eyeliner because the older I get, the less I should wear. I also have one cleanser, one serum and one moisturizer that I use – although when its finished I sometimes change these items.

I recently cleaned out overstuffed drawers – we use to call them junk drawers….because they were always filled with junk.

They are now empty or close to it. I found car keys that were there from the previous house owner (been living in this house 16 years now) and of course all those cables and wires I still dont know what they belong to. I recently bought a shredder I keep in the kitchen to shred any unwanted mail with personal business on them. I use to place them in a box to shred later – later never comes.

Slow but sure I guess I am decluttering because if I havent used it in over a year then I dont really need it. My closet is small and my clothes are minimal. I now own one winter coat instead of three. I also recently got rid of all my mugs – two people in the house with 15 mugs….really? And so slowly we are getting rid of “stuff”. How have you been decluttering? Is there an easy way? Let me know…I can use some hints.