5, 4, 3, 2, 1

The last of my work days starts today.  As I finish up my job I cant help thinking how fast the years have gone by.  My life itself is moving on the fast track and I cant slow it down.  From baby, to adolescent, to teenager……to young adult.  Having hit my 30s I went from wife to mother of 5 and soon they were in school, graduated, finding work and then their soul mates.  From there they gave me my grandchildren.

And during that time of raising them, along with caring for my father in law and a dog, I find myself starting a new journey.  Retirement comes at a good time….time to relax, read and find new hobbies.

I feel my day should begin when I decide to wake up, then have a cup of coffee, read the paper.  Water my plants….do a little Avon business – go to lunch with hubby or friends. (those who are not working, lol)


Yay, I can do whatever I want…….whenever I want…………..

A Random Note

The best thing about five year olds is the way they talk.

No matter what happens, they say it as it is…..it comes out of their mouth without ever thinking about it.

Whether it is “Gee mom, that lady is fat” when the person in question in standing in line in front of us;

Or throwing a temper tantrum for not getting the biggest piece of cake.

My five year grandson is the one in question.  He never, ever stops talking.  The minute he comes into my house until he leaves, he is talking.  About school, friends, games – even while eating, he is telling me something.  I love it because the older they get, the more they refrain from talking to you.

Although I do have a 16 year old grandson who comes to visit and we talk baseball.  But the five year old comes out with such cute things……

Like the day he pulled out a post-it note from his school bag and informed me that “He found this random note on his desk.”


Random note?  I was so shocked at the use of the word I forgot to ask him if he even knew the meaning of the word…..

Get rid of those

Split Ends.  My hair, as I get older, has become a bit dull and dry.  Having changed my shampoo and conditioner several times, I was at wits end to find something that will help my hair.

I came across a great sale on one of Avon’s serums.  And decided why not….I usually buy – try a lot of Avon’s makeup, skin care and fragrances, so why not their hair products.

Avon makes a Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum and they are having a special offer of buy one, get one for 99 cents.

I used it for two days – my hair is shiny and the split ends have disappeared.  Use it on wet hair or dry hair (what I do) – a drop in the palm of your hand, rub throughout your tresses.  You wont believe the difference.

Get yours now at the special price of $7.00 with the second one at 99 cents.  Item #883261

Go straight to my store to order at http://avon4.me/2t4nz1I

Let me know what you think about it if you should purchase it.

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Just for YOU

Every two weeks Avon puts out a new brochure.  And I just love browsing it to see what’s new, what my customers would like and what I can order as gifts.  I love to give Avon as gifts since people sometimes are reluctant to buy when they dont know anything about the product or are not sure it is for them.

So I sometimes add a gift to a loyal customer’s order or just gift it as a “thinking of you” gift.  This campaign #15 is filled with lots of good items, some of which are very new.  There is vinyl high-shine finish and velvet matte finish with a built in primer that guarantees a smooth, even application and keeps color on lockdown.  

And just look at these beautiful colors…..Get yours now while they last…or browse the new Avon Brochure……here 



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Cherished memories

It seems this generation does not follow tradition much.  When cleaning out my house a few years back to move, I found items from when my children were young.  Asking them if they would like their cherished memories to keep for themselves, they all were not interested.  Guess we live in a “throwaway society” and I think that is sad.  When my in-laws passed I kept some of her items she had – special mugs, some pictures, wall hangings and plates.

I also have some items for myself like pictures, even precious moments dolls, along with bracelets and even my dog’s collar who passed away.  I cant seem to part with some things.  But what will happen to them when I pass on.

I recently came across an item Avon is selling that made me think of these memories.  Bracelets and earrings called Cherished Memories……

Find them here  …  and get your cherished bracelet for only $7.99 and the earrings (all 7 pairs) for $9.99…..and just maybe you will be able to pass them on.