Do you use this in the summer?

Every time I think of hand cream, I think of winter.  Why?  Because winter is the season where the cold makes your hands dry.  And so I make sure I use hand cream all day long.  When I am inside the house, especially after washing dishes.  When I am outside in the cold weather.

But have you ever thought of using it in the summer?  I am not sure most people even consider it…why? the weather is warmer, the sun gives us Vitamin D….and some people think sun tan lotion does the same job (yes, they have often told me this).

But I feel you need those hand creams during the summer even more because the sun dries out your skin also.  So I have a tube in my bag always and use it in the morning, while I am out in the sun and also at night before bed.

How about you?






This is what I think

We all come in different shapes and sizes.  But some of us tend to be bigger than others.  And so all my life I have fought with being overweight.  It started when I was 11 and didnt stop.  Oh, I should say it stopped once – for a few months I actually went down to normal weight…and then I went up, and up, and up.

It wasnt what I wanted but it happened…why? I could probably tell you a million reasons but why put blame on anything else other than ME.  So we will skip all the reasons why and just say that I finally decided enough was enough.  I kept telling myself it is what it is and at my age who cares how heavy I am.

Image result for Obesity Clip Art

But I do care…not that I plan to be a model, but being healthy is first and foremost.  And so I can tell you all the different diets I have been through – and I have gone through all of them, yes, all of them.  From the crazy ones to the healthy ones, to the ones that actually give you the food to microwave, to the ones I drink, to the starvation ones, no carb ones, etc.

I had been on Weight Watchers with hubby who lost 90 lbs and I lost 10 – so I gave up.  A bit disappointed but something clicked finally in my head (because that is where weight loss starts) and I returned to Weight Watchers.  Their new Freestyle program was different and I just got up and did it….I even did it before a big party I was attending 4 days after I joined.

And this is what I think…I am on the right track because after the party I stepped on the scale and lost 3 lbs.  I have been going back every week no matter what.  I do not miss a meeting – even when hubby was in the hospital,  I went to the meeting and then to the hospital.  There is a great group of people, a wonderful moderator and they are my inspiration……and to date (10 weeks) I have lost 20 lbs.  I still have a lot to go but only by hanging on, sticking with the program (which is one I do not deprive myself with) will I reach my goal.  I am happier, healthier and can move around more.  My clothes are bigger and my knees dont hurt as much.  I can slide in and out of my car easier and even those steps are not an obstacle.  Imagine how I will feel when I get to my goal weight?  My blood pressure is lower and I will be making my doctor happy at the next visit…..even more, I am making myself happier.

I have nothing to blog about

It was a long week.  One of contemplating, one of trying to get through the day.  Waking up, thankful for another day, yet wanting to stay in bed…but knowing that wont accomplish anything.

Another day of doing, but not doing.  Of feeling, but not feeling.  Knowing there are others worse off than you…so stop complaining. Complaining to who?  No one wants to listen because they have complaints of their own…who listens to them?

And so the day continues….life goes on and on and on.  Waiting…for what?  Sad?  or glad?  Glad the weather is beautiful, the grass is green, the flowers are blooming.  There is food on the table, so thankful is the word.  There is a roof over our head.  Again, thankful.  Tomorrow is another day…wake up smiling and realizing you have so much more than others…


We didnt have a pool….

…..when I was young.  But then again we lived two blocks from the beach.  So weekends were spent there.  But the ocean wasnt the only way we got cool in the summer.

Some of you wont remember this, but my aunt took a hose and hooked it up over the clothes line.  And we were happy to cool off there in the back yard with water spraying us.  I looked for a picture but alas guess that wasnt a thing to keep record of.  I did find another way by using a hose and an empty soda bottle, filled with holes so that the water sprayed all over.

The idea was just to keep cool in the hot summers.  What were some of the ways you kept cool as a kid in the summer?  Please share.

They are getting one

My neighbors just told me they are getting a dog.  I am jealous.  I want one but hubby wants a huge dog and I want a little one.  They are getting a breed – booshie poodle – and he is so cute (saw pictures)…

They have children so this will be great for them.  I remember the first time I got a dog with my five children…they were ecstatic – and the dog loved them so much she was protective of anyone that came near them.  She was with us for 14 years and we were heartbroken when she died.

I guess that is what kept us from getting another dog.  I recently found a small yorkie and went around trying to find the owners.  There is a page on Facebook for lost and found pets; posted it there along with the help of someone who works for Rescue Dogs….and a few hours later, the owner was found..

I think I would have kept him if the owner was not found.  But alas it wasnt in the stars.  I keep thinking about it once in a while, cant do a large dog – he/she will probably drag me down the street.  Not as young as I use to be.  And so I will just have to take pleasure in the neighborhood dogs ….

Black and White

Got your summer on yet?  It’s steaming in NY and what better way to keep the sun from bleaching your hair or giving you sunstroke….than to wear our beautiful hat.


The color – black and white – goes with everything.  But being summer, why not wear white only and top it off with an Off Duty Hat.

Straw-like, wide brimmed fedora with a white and black pattern.  One size fits most.  Wipe clean…

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