Vitamin Me

I was never a person who took vitamins. Mom didnt believe in them and so I made my way through life without them and often eating the wrong foods also. The older I got the more I gained weight and I often got sick. My biggest sickness was earaches.

When I got married and met my in-laws they were in their 70s and doing so well. Talks with my MIL made me realize she was a big fan of vitamins. She also watched every food she ate making sure there was no red jello because it contained dye for the coloring. When I got pregnant with my first child was the first time I had a vitamin.

And so I saw my in-laws doing well (lived way into their 90s) and decided there must be some truth to taking vitamins. So when I wasnt taking pre-natal vitamins, I decided on taking a regular vitamin everyday. And the results are amazing…never felt better. Between my new weight loss program, my walking and taking vitamins….think I am becoming a healthier me.

I recently changed my vitamins though and have found these to be the best for me and also formulated for me. Do you take vitamins? Why or why not?

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I am an Artist?

I belong to this group of lovely women (all retired) who have been so inspirational. I recently retired and was leery because I didn’t know what to do. What does one do when they retire? Travel? Get a hobby? Find a part time job? Volunteer?

And so I looked into all of the above and took on some new things to do. One of them involved this group of women who meet every month and do various things – ranging from dinner, lunch, book discussions, tours, bingo, Chinese auctions and the latest….Painting.

I have never painted…ok, the occasional wall here and there. But a picture? I am not the artistic type. Surprisingly my mother was the artist in the family and she helped make beautiful signs for school dances, etc.

But here I am with these women on a Monday afternoon, getting instructions on how to paint a beautiful scene. I had fun and did bring home a canvas…..what do you think? Should I pursue this hobby? Or be a one-time artist.

I want to get rich quick

I often scroll through some Facebook posts to see what people out there want to do with their lives. I often am looking to recruit people for my business team who love talking to people, posting on the internet and making money.

But the more I read these posts the more I find they all (well not all) want to get rich quick. I have read posts that actually read something like this:

I want to own my own business;

I do not want to pay any fees or startup money;

I don’t want to sell anything;

I don’t want inventory; and I want to make a lot of money!

For the life of me I don’t know any business like that. Any business person will tell you that you need money to start a business. Either you have it or you take a loan.

Even online businesses need some type of startup fee and if you are not selling anything then what exactly are you doing? Maybe I don’t want to know. I started my business with a small startup fee of $15 (now its $25) and while I don’t have a big inventory I do have some. Because my business is dependent on my brochure. People see what they like and they order online….I get the commission. But there is still work to be done. I dont it at home waiting for customers. I text or call my customers after I get a brochure into their hands. And if they don’t live near me – I love digital. I send them a link to my store along with discount codes. My customers always get free shipping and at least a 10% discount.

So, unless you hit the Lottery, I dont see any get rich quick businesses out there….do you?

I hate to cook

I don’t know how I got to this place. I used to cook for 8 people (and a dog) back when I was a stay at home mom with five children, hubby and father-in-law. I cooked three meals a day and not quick meals either. Even chicken cutlets were family sized….25 cutlets at a time, with potatoes and veggies, salad and bread.

Bread…I made homemade bread and soups (no crockpot either). I baked every week also. We had a freezer downstairs to store all the perishable foods like meat, because with a large family we just couldnt go shopping everyday.

Now that I am retired and have all the time in the world, I am looking for quick and easy dishes to make – of course it is just hubby and me. So how much should I really cook. Actually, if the truth be known – I love to go out to eat. I have also become a small eater….not able to devour food like I used to. So even going out means eating half and bringing home the rest for lunch the next day.

And of course, the price of eating out is enormous so we can’t do it often. Special occasions usually and once in a while going to a diner for breakfast. I try to keep enough in the house that if I don’t feel like cooking (which is everyday) I can whip together some sandwiches or even egg omelets.

Are you fond of cooking? Or have you reached the same point as me?


When I was young I wasnt allowed to wear makeup at all. So it wasn’t until my early 20s that I started using makeup thanks to a girlfriend. I put it all on, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, eyeshadow etc.

But I hated that I had to get all that makeup off at night scrubbing and washing to make sure there wasn’t a smudge anywhere. So I gave it all up and toned it down to eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. My three go-tos for making up my face in the morning. And it has served me well.

Now I never leave home with my eyes made up and some lipstick. I am also guilty of have several tubes of lipstick all around. One in my pocket, one in my purse, one at home and even one in my car. It just gives me an uplift to have some color on my face. Plus in this cold we all need soft lips.

I just found a great deal for lip gloss and lipstick and plan to stock up because the price is amazing and today only I can order with free shipping. Do you like these colors?


Out making my deliveries

Part of my business includes delivering goods to my customers. I love when they order online, it is easier for me and they do get their products quicker. They also get codes from me for free products, free shipping and discounts off.

But there are some customers who insist on buying direct from me which means I order for them and when it arrives I will have to deliver to them. I dont mind because I have great customers and love meeting with them (even if it’s a few minutes at their door for drop off) and talking about their family, etc.

But I try to make my deliveries all in one day (usually doesn’t happen because not everyone is home at the same time). I got a call from my grandson who helps me toss brochures around different neighborhoods and then I treat him to Burger King for his help. But then I decided it would be a good day to get some deliveries done. I did manage two deliveries….two more for Monday…some I am waiting to hear back from.

I guess you can say this is the hardest part of my business but as the weather gets warmer I love doing it. I just got notification that my company is going digital. Which means when you join to become a rep (on my team) you will not get brochures or products but will get a certificate to purchase whatever products you want – not what they want to give you. And then do all your business online giving your customers codes and your website to buy from.

Sounds good to me. Doing business online now and loving it.

Throw out those boots

Is it too early to say that? Rain, snow and freezing weather has passed and we are now getting 57 degree weather! Too early? It is still February and I am waiting for the other shoe (or snow) to fall. Although I did get a bit of spring fever today and the groundhog said an early spring…one can only hope.

Meanwhile, I am looking at spring clothes and shoes to buy. Too early? I don’t care because when the time comes these items might not be there or not in my size. And the price is right! I have always had problems with shoes but have finally found that Cushion Walk not only fits my feet good but also are so comfortable its like not wearing any shoes….now to decide what color to buy. I usually go with black but these spring colors look so….well, springy.

What do you think?