New Year

WOW – 2010 – it has been awhile since I posted last (last year!) but things have been busy here.  Grandkids, and vacation time – actually relaxed during some of the days and read alot.  Just felt like it should be a quiet end to the year.  New Years Eve was spent with friends and here we are – 2010 – and back to work tomorrow.  So what’ s in store for the new year?  Time for me, time for family – time for my business, time to read and along the way – time to smell the roses.

2009 went by too fast – so this year I want to slow it down….need to make more relaxing time and to enjoy what we have.  Not so many wants….on a new diet and plan to add exercise – walk the neighborhood maybe – get to know neighbors.  People dont do that anymore…do you know your neighbor.  We are all two wrapped up in the busy-ness of our day to day “good morning”….