When I got married I knew I wanted lots of children.  Hubby also wanted lots so there was no problem there.  I wanted 6 – he wanted 4 — so we compromised and had 5.  We had 4 boys and 1 girls.  Life was good; life was hectic.  The teenage years were busy.  Learning to drive had me at wits end.  But with hard work and lots  of love – we survived and raised good human beings and we are very proud of them.

Four of them eventually got married (still have my youngest at home) and then the joy really began. They gave me grandchildren.  I always thought I couldn’t love my children more – but having grandchildren has been a continuous “up” for me.  I have 9 so life is still always busy and hectic but the smiles of their faces makes all my aches and pains go away….because this is what life is all about….love my boys….here are just two of them!


As you can see there is always food at grandmas house!!!!