Finding Dory

Last week I had the pleasure of accompanying my son, his wife and their two sons, along with hubby, to the movies.  We don’t do movies too often since we are at that age where it is freezing in the theater, the sound is too loud, need the end seat to make bathroom runs, food does not agree with our stomachs….to name a few….but I do love going.  And we were invited to go with the grandchildren, so who could say no.

Besides I have been wanting to see “Finding Dory” since it came out and feel funny going in without kids.  So we all went – took along my sweater, was starving by the time it was over (while grandkids ate popcorn, etc that smelled so good) and well, it was loud.  But enjoyed every minute of it, along with being with the grandkids.

Since I was a Finding Nemo fan, I looked forward to this story of family, love, and caring that occurred among all the characters.  Dory pulled the strings of my heart with her strength to go out and find a way back to her parents as difficult as it was for her – never give up- and she didnt.  Her parents didnt either…

The day continued with going out to dinner, great conversation and finally to Frozen Planet for a delightful dessert….In the end, it doesnt matter what you do – as long as you do it with those you love.


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