He’s 4

Cant believe my grandson just turned 4…..Of course I also have one that is 15 – and still one that is a year old….well, with 9 grandsons, they have to be all ages.  But that is the fun part.  Just when you get over one age period there is another one coming into the same period.  So when J. became 5 and left the age of 4 – P. became 4.

Each year is a wonder in itself and amazing – whether they are learning to talk or chatting away. Learning to walk or running all over.  It never ceases to amaze me.  We were holding the youngest and he was just learning certain words and kept repeating them.  I love to see babies who are facinated by books (being an avid reader myself)

We all had a great time and waiting for the next birthday party…..