Grandma who?

I recently read article that made me re-think my feelings.  You see, I am a grandma – a proud grandma of 9 grandsons….and I always thought that being a mom was the greatest thing ever.  I then had 5 children and yes, it was hectic but they are the love of my life and I went through all the stages from baby – sleepless nights, teething, walking, giggling – through those teenage years of waiting up until they came home, tantrums, anger and then onto to college – still worrying and trying to let go….4 of them are married and from them I am now the proud grandma of 9.

The article went on to tell us that we shouldn’t rely on grandma to do the babysitting.  Yes, we do have our own lives – I work full time and have a part time business…..but on the other hand, I love my grandchildren to the point that seeing them makes me happy.  I am not a once a year kind of grandma and have been fortunate enough that they do live in my neighborhood (one moved away but it is only an hour’s ride).  They are all in and out of my house and yes, I do sigh when they leave…one because it is now quiet (the older I get, the more I relish the quiet) and two because I have to wait to see them again.



With school starting again I will see some of them more than others….I take two home from middle school, take one to middle school, hubby picks up two from elementary school and they stay with us until mom or dad picks them up.  So I feel lucky to see them – some friends of mine have grand kids who live in another country.  I often think of moving to a warmer climate in the cold winters here in NY, but cant imagine leaving these children and not seeing them when I want…..but then again there are all kinds of grandmas – and what works for one does not work for another. Besides I dont consider it babysitting….I feel it is spending whatever time I have left in this world in the company of the loves of my life….they make my days brighter and full of love.

How do you feel about it?