Now is the time

It just came to my attention that we are changing the rules and that we are going to get better. We are going to get bigger bonuses, we are going to be able to get more recruits, and those recruits will earn 40% on all their sales…..yes, 40%……sellavon3

So now is the time to become an Avon Rep….join my team and I will show you how you can earn 40% by setting up goals that are easy to reach and will bring you closer to earning what you really want. Still not sure this is what you want to do?  Think about it some more because you do have time.  This Kickstart Promo does not start until September 16th … and you do it very easily.  Sign up online under me……go to and use reference code – ashapiro – and you are on your way.  Within a week you will get your kit – there are three to choose from….along with catalogs, information, etc.  and plenty of time to distribute books and let all your friends know that you sell Avon.  A friend of mine just posted on FB that she now sells Avon and has received two orders on the spot.  People see your FB account and are looking for reps they can count on… is easier to buy from someone you know….especially if that person lives in your neighborhood.  

Still not sure?  Take a look at my website – – look at all the items that are available.  Not just makeup, but fragrances, skin care, fashion, and jewelry.  When customers tell me they dont wear makeup – fine, Avon is more than makeup.  Still not convinced – register on my website and start receiving emails with discounts and free shipping – there is no obligation to buy and you can always unsubscribe if you want.  But I think you will be surprised at what Avon has to offer.  Remember you have until September 16 to join – and get 40% … Come take a look. Who doesnt need some extra money.

Still have questions?  Ask me  here or email me at – I will get back to you…..


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