Brush….powder, eyeliner & more

No matter what makeup you use, you will somewhere along the line find a need to use a brush.  Several different brushes for several different uses…You might need a cheek brush – for that color you need on your cheeks.  Maybe you would like a powder brush – that foundation goes on so much better with one.  We all need lip brushes – its not your mom’s lipstick anymore.  Eyeshadow goes on so much smoother with a brush also.  My favorite is concealer brush….you get to that age when a little concealer does wonders.  Who here uses a brow brush?  Not me personally but some people do.


Ever price all those brushes.  They could add up to a pretty penny.  But Avon know what you are going through.  So in this campaign they have put all their brushes on sale….what do you pay for a brush?  Even your local pharmacy has them so much more than Avon….and with Avon you dont have to make the trip to the store….Avon brushes go from $2.49 to $5.49 for a single brush….my local pharmacy had them for $4.99 to $9.99.

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