Moisturize your way to beauty

Did you know that the only way to have beautiful, young skin is to clean it and moisturize it?  Start early – dont wait until those wrinkles start showing up.  The air is unclean and clings to your face – get that dirt off right away….

Yes, you say and you know that is what you should do BUT those cleansers and moisturizers are soooo expensive.  What if you dont like them?  What if you are allergic to them….well, Avon has the answer.  Mini travel size moisturizers and cleansers.

As pictured below – the cleansers come in 1 oz tubes for only $5.oo for all skin types. The moisturizers come in a 2 week supply jar for only $6 plus change depending on the type of moisturize you need.  These are TSA approved, so you can take them travelling.

It is worth the try…and because you are reading this today (September 1st) use the code YAY to get #freeshipping on any $25+ order –  so stock up or browse the catalog – I am sure you are bound to find something you like…….Click Here