Are you one?

I was never one. But I have become one. I grew up as a different one but when I got married I decided to keep my marriage going I would become one. And today I am proud to say I loved being a………….

Football wife. I grew up in a baseball family and didnt know from football. When I met my husband who was a huge football fan I was informed that Sundays belonged to football….I accepted that. I was a sports fan so I could understand. But being a newlywed, I did resent it a little bit.

So I decided to learn the game. How hard could it be? Our first date consisted of watching the game…..and he couldnt go to the bathroom because when he came out and asked what happened….well, how would I know? Didnt have a clue.

So after my lessons on football – I became a fan and now I would rather stay home on Sundays and watch football than go out……of course I am still a baseball fan so this time of the year gets hectic with switching back and forth…..but that’s what DVRs are for!  And now when hubby goes to the bathroom or the kitchen for snacks, when he returns, I can tell him exactly what happened while he was gone.

How about you?  Sports fan?


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