Did you know this about Mascara?

As an Avon Rep I feel it is my job to do research about some of the products I sell. I try to learn as much as I can so that I can pass the information on to my customers.

So I looked into Mascara today. I love it, I wear it – but did you know that mascara expires in three months? That means you will have to purchase a new one in twelve weeks…when was the last time you changed your mascara. You will have to purchase at least 4 mascaras a year.

Not that bad but have you seen the price of mascaras? Which one do you use? I tried searching for mascaras and well, there are so many out there. So I picked out a few you might know and researched their prices…..like Lancome at $27.50 – or IT cosmetics at $29.00 – or Mary Kay at $18.00 – if that is pricey you can try Cover Girl at $11.69.

OR you can buy Avon – Wide Awake Mascara for only $5.99 that instantly lifts lashes for a wide-awake look and locks in curl for hours.


This is a sale price but even it goes back to regular price it will still be affordable at $8.00…..buying 4 of Avon mascaras is still cheaper than one Lancome mascara…….and if you are not satisfied with it – return it within 60 days with your money back guaranteed…….can you do that with other mascaras?????

Or better yet – can you pass on the offer of BUY ONE AND GET ONE FREE?



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