Makeup Remover – whereforth are thou?

I do not use a lot of makeup. Its just in my nature. When I was younger I did use things such as foundations and blush along with eyeliner, mascara and of course lipstick.

As I got older and became a mom with five children, well, there was no time for makeup. Besides my hubby said I was beautiful without makeup.


So I opted for moisturizers and toners and cleansers for my face instead. Here I am almost 70 and I still dont use makeup except for my favorites like eyeliner and mascara. I am not a lipstick type of person but have put some on with light to nude colors.

But whether you are a heavy makeup wearer or a light makeup wearer like me – we both have something in common…and that is makeup remover. And Avon has the most moisture effective eye makeup remover lotion ever.  A dab or two on your eyes removes the mascara and liner in just one wipe.  Order now online for only $6.00 #096501 or try our new TC Moisture Makeup Remover for only $2.00 #  248322; or try our wipes for only $3.99 # 109226…………contact me if you have any questions or would like codes for your online purchases.