I’m getting one…

I am so ready for #Fall – not only the cooler weather, but also the fashion.  I just ordered clothes for the fall and now I have to get shoes….but along with fall clothes I must get a new handbag and some scarves.  Not that I dont already have them but with the new colors coming out – well it completes a wardrobe…..

Where do I shop?  Well we can shop anywhere and pay high prices but or I can shop the Avon brochure and order online – not only will I get high quality items but the prices wont hurt my pocketbook….take a look = $29.99 for the handbag; $19.99 for a pack of 3 scarves.

Order now at Avon – handbag item #089977   The scarves item # 088507……prices are going up next campaign…..