Beauty Defined

I have recently been reading about Beauty.  Mostly because I sell Avon and am interested in looking good and making my customers look good….BUT when I really delved into it and searched other blogs about Beauty I found a missing link…..Inner Beauty….


We all want to look good.  That means makeup, and nice clothes but all that doesnt mean a thing unless you have inner beauty.  Put beautiful clothes on a person who is disrespectful to others just wont work.  So this blog is dedicated to inner beauty.  The person who no matter what he/she looks like, goes out of their way to help others, to say nice words to those in need, who puts others first.  I like to think I am like that.  I know I am no beauty but I do keep clean, wear some makeup and dress nicely.  And at my age, if that is not enough for you – too bad.  I am comfortable with myself and my hubby loves me.

I have raised 5 children to be respectful and to me they are all beautiful…inside and out.  By instilling love and respect in them, I have now seen them raise their children (My grandchildren) to do the same.  It makes me feel good when a grandchild helps me with packages and buys me a cup of coffee – even at the age of 12.  So……

Maybe Webster’s dictionary should change the meaning of beauty — from “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight” TO “qualities such as shape,color, form, feelings, actions, especially pertaining to manners and respect – also known as inner beauty”…