Coupons and Codes

I am not a coupon cutter – actually I hate newspapers and all those coupons in the flyers that end up on my stairs. But I do use them….I sometimes get emails with links to coupons and if I am going to buy that product, I will get the coupon. But I dont carry around 50+ coupons just in case I need them – actually they all usually expire before I use them.


So what is the answer? Search them out when you are buying. The best thing about Avon is you can get instant coupons wherever you are. There is an app for your phone called and if you happen to be in the store – click on it and search the store name and any discounts that might be available.

That is where I get all my discount codes for Avon….codes like THANKYOU20 which gets you 20% off on any $50+ order…….or FALL4AVON which gets you 10% off the whole site – this one expires Oct. 31st….you have plenty of time to use it over and over again.

Dont think you need to spend $50 on Avon – well, its very easy to do and even if you dont have that amount, call up a friend – get him/her to order with you….plus Avon always has free shipping on any $40+ order.

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