Little Doggie come here

I love dogs….all types of dogs. Always had one growing up and even when I married the children wanted one. Of course if I didnt feed her and walk her – she would not have survived her 15 years of playing with my five kids and sitting with my FIL all day. But alas she passed and I could never find my way to getting another dog.

Of course the thought has crossed my mind several times. Actually I really would love a cat – but hubby is not a cat person…..but a dog is fine….except I would love a small dog while hubby wants a large dog. First of all I no longer have a huge house…..we are empty nesters and have downsized to a comfortable house – 3 bedrooms (one for over night grandchildren) and while it is comfortable I could not see a large dog running around it.

I recently came across an unusual dog. A Pomeranian Boo. My son who lives downstairs has a pomeranian who is cute but barks constantly…..very annoying. I just came across this pomeranian boo who is adorable and does not have all the hair of a regular pomeranian.  The dog on the right looks like the pomeranian my son has – the Boo is on the left……what do you think? Are they really the same dog?