You never know

It still amazes me that one minute you can be fine and the next – you are down and out. It happened to me on Friday, Sept 30th – my youngest son’s birthday. Thinking about his birth and the many years since, the day went as usual.  The reason I havent been blogging since then – well after lunch I blacked out in my office, didnt respond, they called 911 and off to the hospital I went.  I spent three days there and they still dont know what went wrong.  What caused the episode….and will it ever happen again.

If you have never been in a hospital, lucky you.  You get no rest – woke me up at 6 am to take my blood pressure, poked me to get blood for tests….was so glad to get home to my own bed and really rest.  Since there was no school Monday and Tuesday, I rested and returned to see the doctor today.  Only the tech to do more tests never showed so I have to return next week.  Very frustrating.

But at least I am home and slowly getting back to normal… business – Avon – suffered a bit but I will start again tomorrow since I still have 4 days before my orders go in.  I also have some deliveries to make and it might not be a big order, but that is fine.  Health comes first – there is plenty of time to work….especially since this job is on my own time when it is convenient for me.  I have a few stores to drop off books to, two deliveries and of course my usual customers are waiting for their books.  I even got an email from an old customer for books…told her I just got out of the hospital and to give me a few days.  Dont want her missing out on the great deals going on now at Avon.  Fall is here and they have great items like boots, dresses, scarves, bags besides their usual Fall colors for makeup….