Now is the Time

Have you ever thought about the fact that time is tied into every thing we do in life.  There is a time to be born, a time to die, a time to marry, a time to have children.  Memories are based on time – remember the time you were younger, the time you took that trip, the time you saw that movie.  Indirectly or directly – time is involved.  So why wouldnt you………..

take time out and wear a watch.  I know these days the kids all use their phones to tell time……but wouldnt it be nice to have a piece of jewelry that can be worn and changed to match your outfits and still have the extra ability to give you the correct time of day.  Avon has the watch for you….different styles, different colors and all for a phenomenal price.

Check out the brochure – page 110-113 for prices like $19.99 or even the ones that are any 2 for $30.00–dont need a watch?  Holidays are coming – these are beautiful gifts for your family or friends.






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