Maiylen and Felicity

They go together…why? because you cant have shoes without buying the bag – it is natural that a good collection comes that way.  Avon has made it so affordable to look chic…and what better way to savor the Fall than to wear a Signature Collection like the one below

A beautiful dome bag with a deep center compartment and two spacious zip compartments on either side.  Only $39.99 for item #562-607; along with it is a key fob #527-000 for $9.99 and matching wallet #526-626 for $14.99

To complete the set is our Cushion Walk Flats  For only $24.99 – the following numbers for each size – 6M=525801; 7M=525835; 8M=525854; 9M=526019; 10M=526023 AND 11M=526592  Order yours now at




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