The Movies

Unfortunately I dont get to go often…but then again some of the movies out there are not worth watching.  And with today’s prices, I would rather sit on my comfy couch with the ability to stop a movie and go to the kitchen, or potty….then sit in a cold theatre (why do they keep it freezing?), sit with the sound blasting so loud you cant hear yourself think, and paying ridiculous prices for a bottle of water ($5 – really?)


But staying in on weekends is not my deal either, so on Saturday we treated ourselves to not only a manicure but also a movie.  We went to see Ben Affleck in The Accountant. And while it was cold in there and loud, I really enjoyed the movie.  It was deep and you had to really pay attention, but the story was about an autistic man who works as a freelance accountant for some of the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations.

Lots of action in it and a great story…..treat yourself…and dont forget to bring a coat.

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