We get to a certain age where the noise from every day life becomes unbearable.  Is that why so many grandparents move to Florida?  Easy and quiet living.  Get up when you want, eat when you want and just sit around an enjoy the scenery.

Boring…..We were not meant to sit around and enjoy the quiet.  After having five children and they becoming teenagers and young adults…there was never quiet anywhere in my house.  And then because they were all so close in age…the exodus started.  They slowly one by one left the house and our quiet began…………Ugh

Dont get me wrong, I love quiet.  A little here and a little there.  But everyday quiet is mind boggling and disturbing.  And that is why I am so blessed to have nine (yes that’s 9) grandchildren.  They march in and out of my house, they eat my food and even sleep in my beds.  They keep me busy and young (the next day I am wiped out and that’s when I want quiet – just need to rejuvenate) – but there is nothing better than the hugs and kisses of grandkids and their cute smiles (Bubbe (that’s what they call me) can I have a cookie?  – of course I never say no!)

The reason I am writing this blog is because the house is quiet again.  Hubby is napping; so felt I should get my thoughts out there.  But tomorrow again will be filled….will have two tomorrow so will not be blogging, but will be back soon…..

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