12 Days of Deals #7

In all my decades of living – and there have been many – one of the things I learned was to treat your skin well.  Cleanse, and hydrate it and it will treat you well.  I know I would like to grow old gracefully but who says that we need to have a million wrinkles?  No way – so every night I cleanse and hydrate my face and neck…In my 40s I usually used Vitale by Avon, but the older I got the more moisture I would need.  I finally graduated to Ultimate and now Avon has an Ultimate Supreme –

and if bought separately it will cost you $50 (guess you missed the sale price…..BUT TODAY YOU CAN HAVE IT FOR FREE……

just place a $45+ order and use the code ULTIMATE…..and you too can have beautiful skin…..or you can give it as a gift….check it out today at http://www.youravon.com/ashapiro.