Candy Collection

Sometimes it is not the right time for heavy perfume, or even cologne….you just want a hint of fragrance and something whimsy…so Avon has made the greatest collection of fine Body Mists in all the light scents – like Raspberry, Pear and Strawberry…..just a little sweetness after that shower….and your choice for only $5.99

OR you can try their Classic Collection – we all know Avon has been around for 130 years so go back in time and try their beautiful scents from olden days….Timeless, Odyssey, Candid, Sweet Honesty and my fave, Night Magic.  Again your choice for only $7.99……..there is nothing like someone passing you and asking – “What is that perfume you are wearing”?……….I get it all the time but then again I keep switching fragrances because I sell them all…..I always feel good that they can catch the fragrance from just passing, and of course, I not only tell them the name but give them a sample and the latest brochure..check out the fragrances along with all other items Avon has to offer at