Thoughts in Bed

I didnt want to get out of bed.  Especially now I have to wait for my knee injections.  So I was in pain.  It was probably the pouring rain outside adding to my pain – it seems arthritis and rain dont go together. But I decided since I wasnt going anywhere today, I would lay off the pain killers (just Advil, nothing stronger) and relax…..

But relaxing doesnt come easy for me.  I am used to being on the go all the time.  I thought of some shopping – need milk, etc.  Hubby’s meds are ready for pick up – but somehow I found myself sitting on the couch reading.  I love to read but even that wasnt satisfying me…..

Alas, what could I do today?  I could work some more on my Avon – so that is what I did, besides the fact that I do have some orders going in tonight.  I texted some customers to see if they needed anything and actually got a call from a new customer who found my book in the nail salon.  So business is doing good.

When all else failed – the doorbell rang and 3 kids came running in……..and then I knew exactly what I was doing today – feeding and playing with the boys…that should keep me busy!  What could be better!!