Feet fetish….

I am not a lover of feet.  I do know mine are ugly and I used to hate if anyone touched them.  That is just me.  A lot of people think feet are erogenous but if you touch mine I either giggle from ticklish feelings or yell in pain.  My circulation is not the greatest so my feet and legs become sensitive to any touching.

Of course I did get hooked on pedicures (not an easy feat for me since I usually leave the nail salon in pain) but oh, do I love the feeling you get when you walk out – all silky and smooth.  Since I dont get pedicures often I tend to get very dry heels and feet so I have found the perfect solution for those in-between times.

Avon Footworks for all your tootsies needs.  And in this campaign you can buy 1 and get 1 free.  Avon has everything from FOOT AND MUSCLE CREAM, TO CRACKED HEEL CREAM, TO CALLUS CREAM, TO MOISTURE CREAM.


And then there is athletes foot powder, and spray – deodorizing spray, powder and wipes.  Still not interested?  Avon has dual-action pedi-peel…..Wait, so why are we going to a salon to get pedicures? You can have a whole salon right in your house.  You won’t believe how great your feet will feel….Check out Avon’s latest brochure or shop online now at www.youravon.com/ashapiro