Whipped Cream on your Face

The best way to do it and how it feels.  Because you want it to be perfect, feel perfect and look perfect.


And the only way I know how to look radiant is to use the new Avon Nutraeffects.  It is creamy, like whipped cream so it goes on light and then lights up your face – the radiance shines through with just two weeks use…..I feel the difference (because I always test drive the products I sell) and my skin is brighter – not so sallow…..if you have dull and uneven tones on your face – this is the formula for you.


There are also formulas for normal dry skin, early signs of aging and oil combination skin…..and they are all on sale right now for as little as $14.99 – get your here and as a special attraction use code RA2501 – for #freeshipping on orders of $25+ – that will enable you to get both the night cream and the day cream……and free shipping…..