Injection #1

I recently got diagnosed with very bad arthritis in my knees ( I am getting old) and was told I would need knee replacement surgery (yeah, right – 3 months of recuperation and physical therapy – no way).

I am the type of person who cant sit still – yes, I can when I want to read – otherwise, I need to be busy, especially during the day.  So I opted for another way to ease the pain.  And this included gel injection in the knee.


That was back in December and then I found out the whole process needed insurance approval, which may take up to 3 months.  Well, between the doctor’s assistant and my constant phone calls – we did it in one month.  The meds came in (apparently there are three injections to complete the procedure) and today was the first.

OMG – after waiting in the office for two hours, I finally got to see the doctor.  He takes out this huge needle – and I closed my eyes – literally – and he proceeds to prod my knee for the right spot – injects lidocaine to numb it – that hurt and then injects the gel  – I am sitting here typing this with the leg up – it hurts.  And the thought of doing it two more times scares me.  I did ask the doctor if I would feel better tomorrow and he answered “I hope so.”

So I am hoping so too……but we will see….Meantime, I have my Avon orders to deliver tomorrow – maybe a glass of wine will help?

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3 thoughts on “Injection #1

  1. I hope your knee is a bit better now. My dad just got told he’ll never swim again because not only has he damaged a shoulder, but arthritis has set in. I’ve told him not to give up (he could use a float on arms) but he’ll not do that. Just wondering if a gel injection makes a difference? Thanks.


    • Thank you. I just had my second injection, apparently I need 3 and yes, as painful as the injections are, they are helping. I finally stopped taking Advil which I popped so much I was having stomach pains. It still hurts, but it is bearable. Doc said it takes at l least 3 weeks to get the full effect of the injections. I didnt want to do knee replacement surgery and thats why I opted for the gel injections….

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      • Thanks for the reply. I’m glad these injections seem to be working so far. I’m going to talk to my dad and persuade him to find about about his options. Thanks again and I hope your third goes well.

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