Now is the time

We live on the East Coast…..the colder part – not Florida – here in NY, where we really cant complain because it hasnt been that bad – so far.  Yes, we did get snow, but it was livable.  The cold weather is here now – dropped down to the 20s – but it is supposed to go up to 50s by mid week…no wonder everyone is sick.

But while it is not a day to go walking outside, I am instead working on my computer and on my planner to try to recruit some members for my team.  I love being boss and as I am soon to quit my job (retiring in a few months) I plan to continue working on my Avon business.  I would love to have a large team – and get to work with all types of people.  I find those who do become Avon reps are as excited as I am to sell to others.

Do I have your interest?  If not, just read on about how you too can love to sell Avon.  For as little as $25 to start your business you will receive a starter kit….that will include 4 full size products, 10 samples and 44+ brochures, sales tools and more.  Of course if you can afford a bigger kit there are even more items for you including a beautiful tote bag.  In addition, by signing on to my team, you will get all the knowledge I have accumulated in the past two years.  A real go-to person with questions plus a place in a special Avon group on Facebook.  This is where all the reps come together and help each other.

6e349-starter2bkit  All you need to do is go to and enter reference code: ashapiro

You will get your own FREE website to sell Avon online; you will receive a beautiful starter kit; and all the free advice from me on how to leave your job and work Avon full time. (like me)……Any questions? Contact me on my website or email me at …..