Love to Toss

I am sure you are wondering just what it is that I love to toss.  A ball – yes in my younger days.  Newspapers? no I could never get up that early in the morning for a paper route – my youngest son did it for a while before he went to work and that to me is exhausting.

No, my toss involves my Avon books.  Now you are wondering why I would toss Avon books….right….well, apparently that is how I get customers.  I go into certain neighborhoods and toss an Avon book onto their steps – sometimes I leave them hanging on the doorknob.  It is against the law to place them in the mailboxes so I must “toss”.

With my knee problems it is sometimes difficult for me, so then I “hire” my grandson to do it.  We cover several blocks and toss books in different areas.  Sometimes people call me and ask me about the book and certain products.  I usually toss old books – keeping the latest book for my current customers.

I had one woman who picked up my book and called me about an item in it.  But it was an old book, the item was on sale – and I was afraid I would not be able to get it for her.  But when I did a search in my e-store I not only found it for her – but at a way lower price.


Some people do not want books – you know the “save the trees” people – so I then direct them to my book online.  Not only easy to access but also full of items that are not in the paper book.  Think you would like to browse my online book?  Click the book to the right of this post or click on the link below:

Flip through the Avon brochure & shop your favorites right from your computer or phone! #A

or contact me to receive a book in the mail: