Injection #2

Tonight I returned to the doctor to receive my second injection.  While the first one took a day or two to really sink in, I am hoping the same with this one. Last week the injection went into the left side of my knee.  This week it went into the right side.  The pain was worst than last week even with the Lidocaine to numb the area.  My hubby told me later that I did more “ow”ing than last time.  But it felt worse than last time and seemed to take longer for some reason.


The good news was we only had an hour wait as compared to last week with the three hour wait…This time we got a parking space right outside the doctors office too.  Last week we had a long walk to get to the car.  So I am home tonight resting the knee and hopefully tomorrow it will feel so much better.


I know mentally I will feel better as it was just announced that due to the impending snow storm… will be closed….so an extra day to rest up my knee and enjoy the free time..