Scaly, dry legs

All my life I have had to contend with scaly, white legs. The dryness made my skin tight and ugly.  The definition of scaly skin is the loss of the outer layer of the epidermis in large, scale-like flakes. The skin appears dry and cracked, though skin dryness isn’t always to blame.  But I thought I would first try to get rid of this dryness myself without going to a dermatologist to see if there was a medical reason.

And where would I turn to in order to find a solution?  No other place than Avon – as a representative I find I cannot recommend any of my products to customers honestly unless I have at least tried them.  I was big on Footworks for my feet and have found my calluses gone and my heels nice and smooth.  So I investigated in the best lotion for my legs.  And I have come up with Moisture Therapy….


While there are more than one type of lotion, I found the Intensive Healing and Repair Body Lotion the best.  So much so that I bought the 33.8 oz size and keep it on my nightstand.  Every night after I shower I rub it onto my legs and have also started using it on my arms.  The best ever lotion and now my legs are scale free, smooth and has so much moisture on them.  This lotion is not greasy and perfect for using before jumping into bed.

It is on sale right now for only $10.49 for the bonus size – get it while it last by clicking on this link

Winter is not over yet.  Remember spring is around the corner and who wouldnt want beautiful legs!


2 thoughts on “Scaly, dry legs

    • Hi, thanks for commenting. I used to use Aveeno but it was drying out my skin. Think Moisture Therapy is so much better. They are coming out with a new one – Ultra Hydration – going to try that one. If you are interested, I can put you on my email list to get to see all the great products we have. Or fill out the Avon Brochure request form above if you would like a free catalog. Have a great weekend!


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