Retirement Doings

As I sit here getting closer and closer to retirement I feel my heart beating so fast at the  thought – What am I doing?  I worked 12 years BTK (before the kids) then stayed home to take care of the kids – and when they were all teenagers – I returned to work.  Here it is 26 years later….and where did that time go.  In between I became a mother-in-law 4 times and a grandma 9 times.

But alas, we will not look in the past but with retirement around the corner – to the future. But to date I have not thought of what will happen when this time comes. But I do have 16 more weeks to think about it.


I did come up with a list of thoughts on what I would like to do:

Wake up late

Sit and Read while drinking my coffee

Shop early in the morning when there is no crowd

Go to the movies in the middle of the day

Work my Avon during the day (my time is limited now so then I will work it full time – or whenever I want)

Garden – love flowers and now I can really get into it – plus going to grow tomatoes again.

Stay home when there is bad weather – no more trudging to work in the snow!

I’m sure there is more – save that for the next blog!




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