The time is coming…

One of the best things about working in a school is all the time we get off. All the holidays, one week in Dec, Jan and April – and of course, all summer.  My husband calls it a part time job (and the money matches that phrase – I could be making so much more in the private field – but this is my choice)  I love the kids and happen to be lucky to work in a great school.

But alas the time has come (or will in 4 months) to hang up my hat and retire.  According to my Countdown Timer on my phone (havent found one for my blog yet) I have 133 days of work left.  Doesnt that sound great.  I never thought I would retire or even want to….but everyone says you will know when it is time.

IT’S TIME…..I have started making a list of what I want to do when I retire… can check out my Retirement Doings here…… but I also realized that at any given moment I (and hubby) can pick up and GO!  We answer to no one, and if one morning we would like to go to the casinos in Atlantic City and walk the beach – hey, we can do it!

I think I like this idea – called Retired………..ret