Snag-a-Bag Time

Nothing makes you feel better than putting on a pretty face. I believe we all have pretty faces but a little makeup never hurt. I always feel undressed if I leave the house without at least some eyeliner.

Of course I have very small eyes and in order to bring them out that eyeliner must go on. Some mascara and lip gloss and I am ready to meet the world. So I have accumulated a lot of samples from Avon and in order to bring in the new samples of products coming this spring, I am offering a great deal. If it is a success, I will be doing this once a month.

No strings attached – I just feel unless someone tries a product – and I am lucky to be able to offer samples – they just don’t want to buy.  Of course Avon has that 100 % guarantee – don’t like it – ship it back.  But what if you can try a fragrance, a lipstick, a cream??  So the following offer is going out to you – please share so everyone can get in on the deal…but remember – it is for the first 25 people that respond……start the countdown!

For privacy you can also email me at….