That’s what friends are for….

I am off this week so it has been very relaxing and since the weather in great here – it has also been a time for going out.  So when friends text they are meeting for breakfast or lunch I am happy to go out and have wonderful conversations with them.  Most of them I work with (my close friend has passed away so I no longer can meet up with her) and there are some who are retired.

This afternoon we all met for lunch with co-workers and a retired friend.  She amazes me because since she retired she hasnt been home much.  She is always out and in fact as I write this she is getting ready to leave again – she loves Florida and will probably move there one day.  Then she is off to London to see her grandchildren.  It made me think how wonderful it will be when I retire.  Of course, my family is here in NY so I wont be traveling to see them….but I have already started looking at cruises.  My Avon business is expanding and every penny I save will enable me to go this summer or fall….I have been on two cruises already – one to Bermuda and one to the Bahamas….where shall I go next?


I like the way my Avon business allows me these little pleasures in life.  When I retire I plan on selling full time and maybe make enough for two or three trips a year. The best part is I can take my business anywhere I go.  I was out to dinner with hubby yesterday and gave the receptionist a book – and I left with a $52 order.  My Avon goes everywhere I go —-if you are interested in joining my team contact me or go to and use reference code – ashapiro


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