Ding dong…they are here

Today is laundry day and clean up day..I do these things slowly but they eventually get done.  So I am up from the laundry room and have decided to sit and have a cup of tea and just at that time the doorbell rings.

I hate answering the door as much as I hate answering the house phone.  Family has a key to my door and therefore I knew it was not family.  But the best thing I ever did was to install a monitor for my front door.  Click a button and see who is there.

The night before it was two young men going door to door selling Fios.  I have Optimum and no intention of changing.  Today it was a young man and woman and instead of going downstairs to answer the door – I IGNORED THEM.  Have no idea what they wanted and was just fed up with people ringing my doorbell trying to make me change my cable, or electric, my windows, etc.


This must sound funny coming from an Avon Lady who does door to door sales….but I am not that type of person.  I never ring bells, I never make annoying calls and I certainly dont pressure my customers into buying.  I do leave brochures at houses, I do emails (which you can unsubscribe from) and I do mail out brochures to potential customers.

I give out samples along with my business card and without pressuring people to buy – I do get customers.  And then I reward these customers – by giving extra samples along with a thank you card…..I appreciate the customers I have and look forward to servicing more customers. In my last campaign I gave everyone a free lip balm – just for being my customer.

I invite all to shop at my online store which may be easier for most customers…..www.youravon.com/ashapiro or like my Facebook page where I post the latest deals from Avon – www.facebook.com/AvonByAgnes

Now back to my tea….






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