There’s a brush for that!

Did you ever take a look at how many makeup brushes there are.  I always thought there was a cheek one for blush, one for applying eye shadow and eyeliner and of course a lip brush.  In  C-7 on page 31 I have come across 14 different brushes.  The usual eye shadow brush, and a eyeliner and lip brush was there but also there is a foundation brush, concealer brush, a kabuki brush? – there is a crease brush, a contour brush, a bronzer brush and even a blush brush.

So, are you totally confused?  I am – but after reading about the various brushes and what they do – how can I resist?  And the best part is if you buy one, you get one for half price……

So head on over to and get your brushes now….a girl can never have too many brushes.