Baby It’s Cold Outside

OK, it is March and we have been having 70 degrees like crazy and I even am looking for sandals lately.  So all of a sudden not only does mother nature dump some snow on us (not a lot and not crippling snow) but she also sends some low low chilling weather – 2 degrees? really?  Now this is – stay in  the house – weather.  But I hate doing that because my business depends on me getting outside and mingling with people.  So I ventured out this morning to the nail salon, dunkin donuts, pharmacy and supermarket..and good thing I did because my supply of brochures I leave at these places had dwindled from last week.

So I left a new supply of books and ventured back home to warm up.  They are now saying we are in for a foot of snow come Tuesday.  So today I will package up some old books for throwing on Monday.  Maybe today I will also try on some new products from Avon – that face mask looks good and while I am at it I might even dye my hair……


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