Sweet Sixteen – Just Yesterday

Yesterday was a celebration of my grandson’s birthday…..16?  So where did the time go?  Wasnt it just yesterday I was Sweet 16?  I remember being given the choice of either a birthday party or driving lessons….guess which I picked – the driving lessons of course.  And now I have been driving for 64 years already – I remember my aunt telling me she had been driving for 50 years already and I thought – wow, that’s a long time.  I think that was just yesterday also.-

But there was also my children – they all celebrated their 16th birthday – yesterday!  Now they range from 34 to 40 years old and are celebrating their children’s birthdays.  At least some of the children are still in the single digits.  This grandson is the oldest.  Some people have grandchildren getting married – cant imagine that.  Life is going way to fast for me…and there is no way to slow it down.

But on the bright side, they are all good things to look forward to – birthdays and parties and family.  So we all got together yesterday for brunch and celebrated – he was even talking about driving …