I carry 1,000 of them with me every day

They fit in my handbag which is a crossbody.  So carrying them is easy.  I use them everyday – sometimes several times a day.  I start my day off with them – use them during my lunch hour and definitely after work – usually with a glass of wine.  Most people only carry one or two – if that much.  Some people dont want to carry any – have no use for them – but I cant see ever not having them with me.

I am talking about my books.  I own a Kindle and take it with me always.  It comes in handy when I am waiting in the car to pick up a grandchild, or husband who ran into the store.  I read constantly so I always want it with me.  I have one at home so I read there, always before bed time.  Whenever I get even a half hour – I continue the book I started.  And the best part is if I am at the park reading and finish my book – well, it is on to the next book because my Kindle is full of more stories and more stories.  My favorite place to read is on the patio (waiting for the warm weather for that) and with my impending retirement I plan to do that more.


Do you read books?  Do you have an e-reader?  Which do you prefer?