What is she wearing?

I recently went to a show that my grandson was performing in.  It was amazing and he was great!  But this post is not about that.  Because of limited parking, hubby and I left early so we would be within walking distance of the front door.  Parking was not that bad (since we got there 45 minutes before doors open) and while we waited for the doors to open, we sat in the car.

I wonder if other do this – we people-watched.  It is amazing all the different people passing by – especially the school is near a park and there are many people who walk for exercise.  And then along came “miss beauty” – she was wearing leggings (which are now so popular) but not your usual black or gray leggings.  These were with crazy outrageous designs on them…..I am told that they are all the rage – I even have a friend on FB who sells them.

Here are the usual ones legs3

And then there are these (just wish I had the legs to go with them!)

Do you wear leggings?  Are you the zany leggings type or more reserved with solid colors?