How did he beat me?

It happens every time he comes over.  And I can’t ignore him because he is just so adorable.  He comes over quite a lot and gets me all the time.  Is it his face?  So like his father’s.  It brings back memories long ago.  He has me wrapped around his little finger and every time I try to keep up – he beats me again.

Now he has downloaded it to my IPad – 3D Super Hero – the Lego man who runs and jumps over walls, helicopters and collects power balls so he can fly.  He teaches me how to go under and over these things but he is so much faster than me – and he always beats me!


2 thoughts on “How did he beat me?

    • My grandsons were doing the same thing. So I set it up that I have to put a password in for any downloads. Its in the settings. Now I can see what they are downloading and if its free…lol


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