It cost how much?

Being off a whole week affords me time to do what I want.  Of course, lately all I want to do is relax and read….so we decided that instead of relaxing (or going to a doctor which is usually what we do on time off) we would get up early and take in a movie.  It is not something we do often – let’s face it, eventually they all end up on TV.  But it is nice to go out especially since the weather is now showing us a little spring.

So we put on sweaters (nice to get rid of the winter coat) and off to the movies we went.  The one we wanted to see – Going in Style – started at 11:30 am so it was only a 20 minute ride away.  The story is about these three old guys who are going to lose their pension and one of them will lose his house – so – they decide to rob a bank.


It was a cute movie – a lot of laughs in it – which is good for the soul and it had some of my favorite actors – Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin and Michael Caine – even Ann-Margaret (who looks good for 75 years old)

Hubby had passed me the receipt to the movie which I stuck in my purse.  When I arrived home I looked at it – $12.20 each for tickets? – I asked hubby why he didnt get Senior Citizens tickets – to which he replied – that is senior citizens tickets. I really thought the girl made a mistake so I looked it up online and found he was right – and the regular cost of a ticket is – $15.70!

Now I would like to know how a family takes their children to the movies; how a man takes a date to the movies……figure children need snacks and even a date means dinner somewhere……and now I remember why we don’t go to the movies that often.