What will you do?

As the months pass us by I find myself looking forward to retirement.  I have worked since I was 17, taking off 10 years to raise my children, and then going back to work.  A total of almost 40 years – time to rest.  My job is great, I love it – I am around children a lot, working in a school.  I am the payroll secretary and am good at what I do.

But the time has come – I want to enjoy the rest of my life – not get up at 5:30 am every day – 7:00 sounds much better.  I want to do what I want to do – not what I have to do.  If I want to sit and read and have a glass of wine – I can!  I am now being asked what will I do once I retire…..the list is long – on top of it is to work my Avon business more – it has been a part time job for me, but I would like to branch out.  (and its not really work to me) Then there will be taking a course in our local community school, joining a community center, going to book signings (they are always at 1 pm in the afternoon) and of course living in NYC affords me so many opportunities to venture out and experience so much.

Recently I read an Article in Market Watch that listed the 10 best things to do in retirement:

  1. Get a job – just left one, no way but then again I have my Avon job…..so – way
  2. Volunteer – going to do that
  3. Take up a sport – yeah right – maybe a zumba class, or walking?
  4. Get a hobby – yes, plan on doing gardening (maybe tomatoes) and of course I love to crochet
  5. Start a business – or for me, continue my Avon business
  6. Travel – yes, must fit in a cruise or two and then there are day trips – love to drive, Atlantic City here I come.
  7. Take a bridge (gap) year – especially great when that snow keeps falling and I dont have to get up to go to work!
  8. Camp for adults – never heard of that one Mmmmm
  9. Go south for the winter – as good as that sounds I am too close to my family who are all here in NY – but maybe!  I do have a sister in Florida…..
  10. Make new friends who ages are different from yours….hopefully that will happen when I take courses.

And the best part is I dont have to do any of the above – I can do whatever I want!



7 thoughts on “What will you do?

  1. When I turned 57 last year, it hit me: I am standing the in shadow of 60. I am determined that 60-70 will be outstanding years for my life. Like you, my retirement looks to be a very exciting time!

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    • I am so excited – I cant wait. Just imagine doing what you want – not getting up to go to work – I do plan to volunteer and keep busy, but on my time. The years go by way too quickly. Enjoy


  2. My mum retired recently I wish she was so enthusiastic about it as you are. She hates not being useful. Nothing else appeals to her. Keeping her busy but I feel like it’s okay for her to be lazy now. She earned it!

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    • You have to keep busy but not to the point of hating it. I like the fact that if I want to sit around all day and read I can. But I’m a people person so I will get out there. My hubby has been retired for quite awhile now, but he wants to sit on the couch and watch tv – which is ok if thats his thing. But I need to get out – maybe if I drag him with me…?

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