They’re coming soon

Summer has not even started and already I see them around.  The first hot and humid day we had this week they were already buzzing around especially since we had a bout of downpours that made puddles.

So it is just in time that Avon has brought back their Bug Guard….The No-Deet pump spray or aerosol with sunscreen and the ability to keep those bugs away.  Keep your family safe from bug bites.

The Expedition pump spray go for $6.99, the aerosol spray for $7.99 or the Family Pump Spray for $12.99

The Picaridin sprays – pump $6.99, Aerosol $7.99 or Family Pump Spray $12.99 – plus there are towelettes (easy to carry) for $6.99 package of 8

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Mama’s Empty Nest and following! 🙂 Happy to have you as a reader. My question about Avon’s bug guard sprays: do they protect against ticks? Ticks are horrible here and so many folks we know have or have had Lyme’s Disease. We have a big yard and plenty of woods around us and way too many deer come through our yard, so I’m looking for something that would protect us and our grandchildren when they’re here.

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