Love doing it – plan to do it again

Many years ago when my children were very young and I was a SAHM as much as I loved it, I needed a little outside recreation.  Of course with five kids there wasnt much of that.  Even when hubby came home from work, I was too exhausted to do anything other than get the kids ready for bed and then crash myself.

But then I saw there was something else I could enjoy without the kids – and that something was crocheting.  So I started small – baby blankets, hats and scarves and before you know it I had made a blanket for each of my children (still have them) and then started making for others.  Well, I put it down as the kids got older and I myself went back to work.  Until recently – when I picked it up again.  Didnt think I could due to arthritis, but apparently it helps.

So I finished a blanket for my boss who is due soon and have decided to make another one – different color, different pattern.  Excited and waiting for the yarn to arrive in about a week.  Meantime – here is the one I completed…… you crochet?  If you blog about it, let me know I will follow…