Making money while….

watching TV…….Yesterday I decided to take a few hours off from working my business.  There is much to do because tonight I have to place my order….so I still have to enter orders online, contact a few customers who want to place orders but have not contacted me yet and of course, set up the new books for the next campaign.

But I decided to put down the electronics and do all that today instead of yesterday.  I sat down with my book and read for a few hours, did a load of laundry, straightened up the house a bit, cleaned the kitchen and then sat down to watch some baseball.  Of course in all that time I did not go on my computer nor did I check my phone…..sometimes we need a break.

And then when I finally stopped watching the ball game – due to a rain delay here in NY – I decided to check my phone…and in came a few texts giving me orders, each over $40 – and a few online orders – also over $40……….it is so great to make money while I watch TV – or upon sleeping (direct delivery orders are done online at anytime and when I wake up each morning I check my website)…I recently read of a fellow Avon rep who was at a ball game and gave her daughter an Avon book to read to keep her busy – and the woman behind her asked if she sold – and bam…a $30 order.

What I am trying to say is Avon is worked 24/7 – anywhere, anytime – when you least expect it you too can have a customer!  Sounds good?  Making 40% profit is great – especially when you are sleeping…..Interested?  Contact me for more information or go to my website now and click on the this is #bosslife and join……you too can make money while you sleep!