What’s wrong with free?

I am a junkie for free. I always log on, sign up or download things that say free. Buy one, get one free. Free books (especially e-books) I’m your woman. So when I offer free – where are all the takers?

When someone shows interest in my website and registers with me – I send them #free samples along with #free codes that gets them #free shipping and #free items.

I love #free so much that I often leave samples in stores that I frequent.  Recently I entered a Dunkin Donuts and by the time I left with my coffee the samples were all gone.  That is the way I get visitors to my website and orders via online.  If someone doesnt want to touch base with a face to face order for me – then they can go online, get free shipping and discounts – and their order will ship in two days.  You also get the next campaign brochure free as long as you ask for it.

So, what’s wrong with free?  Contact me if you would like a free book, free samples or order online and receive free samples as a thank you.