We never got along

While the years flew by I tried so hard to make it work.  I tried being obedient and tried fighting back.  But there was no happy medium.  It was either your way or the highway.  So I took the highway.  Leaving was hard but for my own sanity I moved in with a friend until that arrangement didn’t work.

So I looked for my own place, found it and continued to have some peace of mind.  You once tried to patch it up but on your terms…which weren’t mine.  I tried to meet somewhere in the middle but you slammed the door…it didn’t work.


So I continued to stay away – you never got along with my husband either – that hurt the most…and you never really knew your grandchildren – 5 of them….we all missed out.  And now there are great-grandchildren – you would have had 9 of them.  You missed out on cuddling them and holding them – but then again I don’t believe you were capable of doing that – or at least it never happened with me.

And so now that you are physically gone, I have decided to look beyond the loss and feel blessed with what I accomplished – and love my children, their spouses and all my grandchildren….more hugs, kisses and “I love yous”  … because “we never got along”.