Time for nothing

It has been a hectic week even though we had Monday off.  It seems miss one day of work, double up on the next few days.  Especially when my co-worker was off today and will be off tomorrow.

I get to come in on her hours – 7 am to 2:30 pm – getting up earlier than usual, and facing the work day earlier.  Of course I love leaving at 2:30 because I still have most of the afternoon for myself….Well, not all to myself.  Grandkids were over so it was a matter of entertaining them, cooking for them and answering all their questions.


Now they have left and it is quiet here……deciding on dinner for myself, maybe some reading – enter some orders into my Avon account….and then will have to get up early again for another coverage tomorrow.

But in the meantime I am enjoying the change in weather – the doors are open for 74 degree weather, and the sun is shining.  A big change from the rainy, cloudy weather we have been having.

Enjoy each day……….